News - Live Production Solution

Broadcast News Production

Your viewers rely on you for the stories that matter. Producing compelling, data-infused content quickly has never been more important. With the rise of digital, there is more competition for viewers, yet it remains essential to streamline costs. Engaged viewers keep ratings high and advertisers happy. We are here to back you up, every step of the way.

  • Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution


    The PRIME Platform™ offers one powerful toolset for all of your CG graphics, video walls, branding, touchscreen presentations and even viewer-controlled edge graphics.

  • News - Live Production Solution


    Engage viewers with stunning virtual sets and data-driven augmented reality.

  • News - Live Production Solution


    Easily drive manual operations lightening fast directly from PRIME™ or drive everything from your newsroom computer system rundown via CAMIO®.

News Production - Live Production Solution
News - Live Production Solution

Complete News Rundown Integration

With complete MOS integration to any leading newsroom computer system, drive all PRIME™ elements - CG, video walls, edge graphics or touchscreen - plus your Unreal® virtual sets implemented in VSAR™, as reusable assets. With minimal training, journalists or producers can access graphics, edit text, images or clips and then add them to any story in the news rundown for automated playout. Go beyond the basics with AXIS™ for advanced work order management, tracking and fulfillment, maps, charts, financial quotes, and image compositing.

News - Live Production Solution

One Powerful Platform for All Your Graphics

Harnessing decades of real-time graphics expertise, the PRIME Platform™ brings ideas and information to air with compelling design. With the same powerful toolset, create stunning, animated, data rich CG graphics, video walls of any size or aspect ratio, presenter controllable touchscreen graphics, and even viewer controlled edge graphics. With all of the tools top-tier designers expect, plus robust Photoshop and After Effects import functionality, your production can be all that you imagine!

News - Live Production Solution

Craft a Compelling Production

To deliver a complete live production suite, PRIME Switcher® runs on the PRIME Platform™, offering fully software-based video switching, along with our legendary real-time graphics, a versatile clip player, and a multichannel audio mixer - all within a single engine. With PRIME Clips™, easily access and play opens, bumpers, promos and anything else where clip functionality is required.

Everything for End-to-End Production

Manage all of your data to graphics integration with Chyron's industry-leading NewsTicker™. Capture audience attention and deliver important information with story-specific CG graphics or downstream graphical overlays driven by any automation system. PRIME Branding™ produces up-to-the-minute branding elements such as headlines, sports scores, school closings, weather reports, financial data, and automated promos like ‘Now Watching’ or ‘Coming Next’ graphics.

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