Live Production Venue Solutions

Venue Production Control

Bring your stadium or arena to life! Create immersive fan engagement and drive sponsorship revenue.

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    Drive any display, anywhere with PRIME Click Effects®, the turn-key content design, control and playout system. Additionally, drive lights, sound, and more, creating immersive fan experiences. Even control emergency systems efficiently.

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    Engage fans with data-driven displays with stats, scores and images. Add illustrated replays, virtual placement and real-time data visualization. Coordinate and drive excitement throughout the venue - from the arena, to the concourse, to luxury suites.

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    Every display and every significant event in the game offers a sponsorship opportunity. Grow revenues as you offer sponsors guaranteed "moments of exclusivity" and accurate logging of their advertising.

Venue Production - Live Production Solution
Live Production Venue Solutions

Easy Game Day Operation

With PRIME Click Effects®, a single operator can easily control the entire experience in your venue. From real-time 3D graphics, to clips or live input switching, PRIME Click Effects® allows single operator control for your entire game day production and digital signage control, eliminating the need for many specialized operators and systems. Ease-of-use translates to no hidden or recurring setup and support costs

Live Production Venue Solutions

Immersive Experience

Chyron stadium and arena solutions enable you to create and playout stunning content from a single system to small, large and unconventional sized LED screens. Our wider portfolio also allows your fans to experience the game differently. Use PAINT™ for illustrated replays and analysis. Incorporate virtual graphics or advertisements as overlays to the live video with Virtual Placement™ and incorporate stunning, data rich graphics with PRIME CG.

Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution

New ROI Opportunities

Our workflows are designed to create new sponsorship opportunities that deliver a rapid ROI. Teams and arenas can take advantage of flexible subscription-based access to PRIME Click Effects®, Paint™, and Virtual Placement™ solutions to publish branded content to a wide variety of platforms. With PAINT™, you can even push content directly to social media.

Sport Broadcasting Solutions

Bridge Data and Design

Via integration of PRIME Click Effects® with PAINT™ (telestration and replay) and TRACAB® (motion tracking), create compelling play-by-play analysis on the fly. Engage your fans with virtual 1st down and distance graphics, player formation, offside and real time data visualization. Easily illustrate and publish data-rich highlights to all your stadium screens and social media

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