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Esports Events

Gaming enthusiasts all over the world are part of a growing community that is eager to share and excited to be inspired by the best of the best. Esports offers many of the same challenges and opportunities as any streaming or in-venue event, with the additional complexities of multiple player cams, game feeds and remote players.

  • Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution


    Enrich the fan's experience, online and in-venue with stunning graphics and virtual elements, and even integrate game or player data. Build virtual or mixed reality environments as stunning as the game itself.

  • Freelancer Community


    Better production means more sponsorship opportunities. Offer sponsorships for leaderboards, caster virtual sets, special announcements and more. Even allow in game shopping with PRIME Edge®.

  • News - Live Production Solution


    From a single player feed with illustrated replay and commentary to a massive in-venue event, Chyron has you covered. Stream a simple online event or control LED displays throughout an entire venue.

eSports Live Production - Bring Your Venue to Life

Bring Your Venue to Life

Populate your venue with game characters and hyper-realistic environments, with Chyron VSAR™, based on Unreal®. Send compelling content to large center hung or ribbon LEDs and other displays throughout the venue with PRIME Click Effects®. Display stunning content on stage too with PRIME Video Walls™. Display game data, curated social media content, logos, images and videos over live video feeds.

eSports Live Production - Players and Casters

Players and Casters

Drive your show onsite, or remotely. PRIME Switcher® can input from any live video source - player cams, player screens, caster cams and more - and overlay graphics, scores, names, stats and more to output to any destination. Casters can use illustrated replay, just as any live sportscaster would do, with our PAINT™ software for telestration and clip playback. Spotlight characters, illustrate movement paths and highlight destinations or regions and more.

eSports Live Production Solution - Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement

In the venue, use PRIME Click Effects® to drive exciting messaging, keeping fans informed and engaged. Within streams, engage the viewer with stats and scores, beyond what is displayed in the game interface. You can even allow the viewer to select the content they want to see with viewer controlled, selectable graphics managed in PRIME Edge®.

eSports Live Production Solution - Exciting Caster Environments

Exciting Caster Environments

Unleash creativity with PRIME VSAR™ to create mind-blowing virtual studios with unparalleled photorealism, backed by a workflow that enables your entire team to leverage the power of Unreal® to drive fan excitement and ROI in all your programming.

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