Product Description

Software-Based Switcher. PRIME Production Power.

PRIME Switcher is a software-based 2ME production switcher built on the industry-leading PRIME Live Platform. To deliver a complete live production suite, PRIME Switcher leverages our legendary real-time graphics, versatile clip player, and brand-new multichannel audio mixer - all within a single-engine.

Built on the flexible, scalable PRIME Live Platform, PRIME Switcher makes it easy to spin up additional control rooms, remote or disaster recovery control rooms, or low-cost OTT control rooms. Input and output your sources in a combination of SDI, NDI, and H264 streams. Produce in the SD, HD, 4K-UHD, and SDR/HDR formats that accommodate your broadcast, streaming, and display requirements. And finally, PRIME's environment-agnostic design enables deployment via on-prem hardware, virtualization, or public (AWS) and private cloud infrastructure.

Key Features
  • 2ME Production Switcher

    Produce your show with 2 full MEs, each with 4 standard keyers, user-defined transitions, and ME1 preset functionality. PRIME Switcher's basic dissolve, wipe, split, slide, and mask transitions are editable directly in the PRIME CG interface - or build out an energetic stinger transition with graphics and audio. Complex DVE scenes such as a multi-box or picture-in-picture are created by layering multiple video inputs and graphics on a single channel. Get your scene ready and take it to air with a single keyer.

  • Multichannel Audio Mixer

    Ensure a seamless listening experience for your audience with a built-in multichannel audio mixer, which integrates with the entirety of this all-in-one production suite to monitor and mix embedded audio sources from the switcher, graphics, and clip server. Manage fader volume manually or keep it hands-free with Audio Follow Video (AFV) functionality - and build out all the unique mix/minus and monitor mixes you need with customizable AUX outputs. PRIME Switcher also includes Audio Director control for audio-driven production automation.

  • All-in-One PRIME Studio

    PRIME Switcher unifies the flexibility of a software-based production switcher and audio mixer with the PRIME Live Platform's broadcast-grade CG and clips capability. Get the complete studio experience with a 2ME production switcher, legendary PRIME real-time graphics, versatile clip player, and brand-new multichannel audio mixer - all within a single-engine.

  • Intuitive Control and Monitoring

    From PRIME Switcher's intuitive software interface, you can switch sources, key-in graphics, trigger dynamic transitions, and build the complex ME output you need for a compelling show. For total production control, PRIME Switcher also combines graphics/clips playout controls, media file management, and audio mixer control - within a single user interface. The built-in Atlas H264 Stream MultiViewer provides customizable monitoring of every source in the switcher and is easily distributed across your facility or to remote staff.

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