PRIME Switcher

Software-Based Switcher. PRIME Production Power.

  • Manage

    Easily configure and label sources, and then monitor them with PRIME Switcher's built-in multiviewer.

  • Mix

    Select video sources, add graphics and clips to your video mix with linear, chroma and DVE keying, and control audio.

  • Playout

    Send compelling, stunning content downstream to the broadcasts, streams or displays of your choice.

PRIME Switcher is a software-based 2ME production switcher built on the industry-leading PRIME Platform. To deliver a complete live production suite, PRIME Switcher leverages our legendary real-time graphics, versatile clip player, and brand-new multichannel audio mixer - all within a single-engine. Flexible and scalable, PRIME Switcher makes it easy to spin up additional control rooms, remote or disaster recovery control rooms, or low-cost OTT control rooms.

A video covering PRIME Switcher's 2ME production switcher, real-time graphics, clip playout, and multichannel audio mixer
The PRIME control panel combining production switcher, audio mixer, graphics, and clip playout

2ME Production Switcher

Produce your show with two full MEs, each with four configurable keyers. PRIME Switcher offers linear keys for your day-to-day graphics, chroma keys for virtual set productions and DVE keys for squeeze and multi-box effects. PRIME Switcher features basic dissolve and wipe transitions and leverages the power of PRIME CG and its designer interface to create dynamic splits, slides, masks, and energetic stinger transitions with graphics and audio.

All-in-One PRIME Studio

PRIME Switcher unifies the flexibility of a software-based production switcher and audio mixer with the PRIME Platform's broadcast-grade CG and clips capability. Get the complete studio experience with a 2ME production switcher, legendary PRIME real-time graphics, versatile clip player, and brand-new multichannel audio mixer - all within a single-engine.

Format and Environment Agnostic

Input and output your sources in a combination of SDI, NDI, and H264 streams. Produce in the SD, HD, 4K-UHD, and SDR/HDR formats that accommodate your broadcast, streaming, and display requirements. PRIME's environment-agnostic design enables deployment via on-prem hardware, virtualization, or public and private cloud infrastructure.

Cost Effective

Flexible subscription or perpetual models make adding a control room budget-friendly. And, ease-of-use reduces cost of training and the need for specialized operators. Remote workflow capability reduces the need for control room real-estate and physical hardware

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