Production Services

Chyron partners with our sister company, Hego, to offer world-class production services, equipment rental and skilled pool of freelance crew.

Hego caters to any type of broadcast or event production. Our live graphic services offer innovative solutions without the complexity and cost of our competition, while our sports tracking team provides world-class data delivery and visualization. 

Live Graphics Production Services

  • Custom solutions that work for your budget and timeline
  • 50+ years of innovation and expertise
  • Experienced operators
  • Commentators, technicians, and producers on-site or remote, utilizing our HEGO MediaHub, to minimize cost and number of on-site staff

Data and Tracking Services

  • Tracking and monitoring onsite
  • Live game support
  • Data scrubbing & validation before delivery
  • Experts staff, specifically trained to provide real-time data for analysis and visualization