Virtual Placement™

Virtual Graphics in Any Live Broadcast

  • Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution


    Add down lines, offside markers to the field, attach names and stats to players and more.

  • Freelancer Community


    Place sponsor logos directly on the field, around the pitch or in empty stands.

  • Integrate

    Add virtual graphics into your broadcast without specialized operators, expensive sensors or lengthy calibration.

Based on highly-advanced real-time image-processing algorithms, Virtual Placement™ incorporates virtual graphics into any live broadcast quickly and easily. 

With Virtual Football, users can insert FIFA®-certified virtual offside lines (VOL), distance to goal measurements and carpet goal ads on the soccer pitch / in stadium.  With Virtual 1st, users can insert virtual lines of scrimmage, 1st down markers and sponsored advertisements for American Football. Sports-specific modules are also available for Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Rugby.

Boosted Sponsorship Revenues

Able to feed four independently sponsored outputs from a single system, Virtual Placement™ helps localize content to different regions and empowers regionalized content and advertising strategies for linear and OTT content rights holders.

Easy Deployment & Calibration

Virtual Placement™ allows operators to quickly create a calibration through an input and implement optical tracking without the need of specialized camera encoder hardware. It’s so simple that your cameraman can pre-record shots of the field in only five minutes, freeing up time for a facilities check.

Remote Ready

Optimized for REMI and GREMI (graphics/replay remote integration) workflows, Virtual Placement supports a variety of downstream production workflows (Audio GPI, VANC, Audio only). The system doesn’t even need to be inside the production truck at the stadium.

Visualize Live Data

Via unique integration to TRACAB®, our Emmy® Award-winning camera-based player tracking system, Virtual Placement allows broadcasters to leverage real-time data for highly advanced gameplay analysis features (e.g., live player markers, statistics and tracking graphics).

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