For Customers

Chyron offers commissioning services to ensure that your Chyron systems are fully integrated to your facility’s workflow and ready to use. Cost effective and streamlined remote commissioning is often the best option, but onsite commissioning is also available.

Training packages range from day-long consultation and implementation sessions customized to your company’s individual requirements, to week-long courses designed to maximize your workflow efficiency. Training is available at your facility or may be adapted to online delivery. Additionally, your staff can start learning absolutely FREE on Chyron Academy.

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PRIME Courses

Learn how to configure PRIME, set up a project, and build scenes with text, objects and Photoshop imports. Add clips, animations, transitions,DVEs, cropping, timers, crawls data and logic - everything you need to design for real-world broadcast.

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Click Effects Courses

Learn Click Effects PRIME, the premier venue control interface used in major stadiums and venues throughout the world. Learn how to configure the interface, display the content you want and drive data to your displays.

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Paint Courses

Learn illustrated replay with the award winning tool for broadcasters and coaches. Paint courses include settings and configuration, managing video, setting up tools, keyframing, chroma keying, tool properties, motion tracking and clip export.

For Freelancers

Whether you are just starting out, need a refresher or are looking to enhance your seasoned skill set, join one of our talented product and workflow specialists for an upcoming training course and take your designer and operator skills to the next level.

Note that due to COVID 19, all live, in person freelancer trainings are suspended until further notice. However, you can join us online for FREE training and certification through Chyron Academy.

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