Sport Broadcasting Solutions

Sports Broadcast

Game on. You and millions of fans. Those fans at home crave the same level of excitement as fans in the stands. Give them what they want. Eye-popping visuals. Analysis to drive the conversation. Stats that tell the real story.

  • Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution


    Design motion graphics as exciting as the game itself. Add illustrated replay and virtual lineups. Make stunning virtual sets for your commentators.

  • Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution


    Integrate your graphics tightly with data - from scoreboards, stats providers and performance tracking technologies - dynamically updated in real-time.

  • News - Live Production Solution


    PRIME™ means top tier design and lightning fast playout for CG graphics, video walls and augmented reality elements, plus software-based switching.

Sport Broadcasting Solutions
Sport Broadcasting Solutions

Score Big With Exciting Graphics

PRIME™ offers a full suite of tools that top graphics designers and operators love: 2D and 3D primitives, effects, textures, masks, robust timeline animation, scene-based logic, easy reskinning and more. Transition easily between Edit and Playout modes. Use the same design features for CG, video walls, touchscreen augmented reality and edge (viewer controlled) graphics. Leverage the Chyron Classic Keyboard™, with familiar shortcuts for on air speed.

Sport Broadcasting Solutions

Present Like a Pro

Extending PRIME’s familiar real-time graphics workflow to advanced multi-touch responsive screen design, PRIME Touchscreen™ harnesses over a decade of experience building bespoke touchscreen graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for studio talent worldwide. Trigger graphics with any type of gesture – touch, rotate, scale, drag, draw, move, and more. For play-by-play analysis, PAINT™ is illustrated replay at its best. Use the same world-class tools used by coaches, major leagues and broadcasters around the world to break it down for your viewers. Extend the excitement with PRIME Video Wall™, bringing larger-than-life content right into the studio.

Sport Broadcasting Solutions

Data Prevails

Fans love solid proof. They want to know the data. PRIME CG™, PRIME BRANDING™, and PRIME AR™ (augmented reality) can auto-populate data from stats providers, scoreboards, feeds and more. Create powerful data-driven displays that update dynamically.

Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution

Virtualize and Monetize

With Virtual Placement™, add FIFA certified Virtual Offside Lines, American football virtual down lines and sponsored ads, all with super easy calibration and chroma keying for a variety of sports.