Product Description

Powerful Clips and Graphics Server

Designed for the most demanding live production environment, PRIME Clips is our flexible, robust, multichannel production clip server for show opens, transitions, bumpers, station promos and more. PRIME Clips easily manages recording, ingesting, and play-to-air of clips for live productions.

PRIME Clips is an application of the powerful PRIME Platform. Learn more about the PRIME Platform here.

Key Features


  • Clips with Dynamic Assets

    Our flexible PowerClips feature allows you to add editable animated text, graphics and more to a single clip. The combination of pre-rendered clips and dynamic assets are treated as layered clips, providing production and playout flexibility.

  • Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

    Our folder management, syncing and distribution features ensure clip availability between teams for real-time collaboration – whether remote or onsite. The built-in Watch Folder detects incoming media, such as AVI files or image sequences, and automatically transcodes them to the our native GTC format for workflow efficiency.

  • Wide Codec Support

    With a modern architecture, enabling user-defined input / output configurations, PRIME Clips supports all major resolutions (HD, 4K), formats (SDI, IP), and industry-standard codecs (QuickTime®, DNxHD, ProRes® GTC, AVC Intra, XDCam®).

  • End-to-End HDR Support

    PRIME Clips maintains an end-to-end HDR workflow from canvas design to output (HLG, SLog 3). Built-in SDR & HDR cross-conversion ensures there’s no need to recreate legacy content.

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