PRIME Platform

Broadcast-Grade. Software-Defined. Live Production Platform.

  • Create

    Use the same industry leading design features to create and animate stunning CG graphics, video walls, touchscreen graphics, branding and viewer-controlled edge graphics.

  • Enrich

    At its core, PRIME offers powerful data integration: display data of any kind in any of its graphics modules. Even drive "smart" graphics that respond to the data.

  • Produce

    PRIME offers modules for production switching, venue control, and clips management and playout.

The PRIME Platform is Chyron’s pioneering, live production engine. Bridge your legacy workflows with the future of live-content creation and distribution. PRIME is dynamically customizable and scalable to provide the functionality and resource your production needs. PRIME helps broadcasters produce shows, create graphics, manage content and drive all the dynamic production elements that captivate audiences with a range of live production modules.

The extensive live production capability of the PRIME Platform

Software-Based Platform

PRIME is the foundation for an array of software modules that can drive your production workflow. Whether you need a core production package – such as a 2ME switcher, graphics, clip playout, and audio mixing - or require specialized applications such as branding, touchscreens, AR video walls, display processing, and venue control. You can configure your PRIME engine with the module you need for scalable, flexible production. Driven your production manually or via automation with PRIME Commander.


PRIME bridges your legacy workflows with the future of live-content creation and distribution with all-inclusive support of video standards and formats. Combine the SDI, IP, NDI, and H264 or H265-stream signals you need to capture and deliver content across all channels; and take it to air in the SD, HD, UHD-4K, and SDR/HDR formats of your choice.


With PRIME's cloud-enabled software architecture, you can deploy and distribute resources how you see fit. Introduce PRIME to your hardware-based control rooms via COTS hardware, custom IT equipment, or virtualized machine. Or, realize the value of live production in the cloud - on your public or private cloud infrastructure. The PRIME Platform is adaptable to the content creation, storage, and distribution strategy that best suits your organization.

Open Ecosystem Flexibility

Interoperable with devices from most industry vendors, PRIME can adapt to your requirements and existing infrastructure for automated or manual workflows. Supported protocols include Chyron Intelligent Interface, AMP, EAS, PBus, VDCP, Ross Talk, XML, and Oxtel.

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