One software platform. Many production use cases. Scalable to your needs today and tomorrow.

The PRIME Platform is Chyron’s pioneering, real-time, live content production software-based system. Flexible and scalable, PRIME is under continuous development, to serve current and future workflows. Designed to support purpose-built applications to fit production and playout needs, PRIME helps broadcasters captivate audiences with a range of live content applications to create graphics, manage content and drive production.

  • Featuring the latest video standards, PRIME offers a single 4K-, HDR,SDI/ IP/NDI/H264-ready platform. 
  • PRIME addresses many production needs from a single system — including CG, branding, touchscreen, data-rich tickers, augmented reality, video walls, and venue control, with exciting new applications in development.
Key Features

PRIME Key Features

  • Open Ecosystem Flexibility

    Interoperable with devices from most industry vendors, PRIME can adapt to your requirements and existing infrastructure for automated or manual workflows. Supported protocols include Chyron Intelligent Interface, AMP, EAS, PBus, VDCP, Ross Talk, XML, and Oxtel.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    Utilize PRIME to spin up a remote control room, special event or OTT control room or disaster recovery facility. Or, use PRIME wherever it meets the needs of your traditional live broadcast workflow. The Chyron team can help you determine the systems and applications you need to get the results you want.

  • Robust Graphics Tools

    PRIME CG offers all the features that top-tier graphics artists expect, including timelines, a spline editor, and a full set of 3D effects. Tight integration with best-in-class design tools, including Adobe®️ Photoshop, Autodesk™️ FBX®️ ensures a smooth, efficient design workflow with the fastest time to air. Additional tool sets allow you to use PRIME as a clip server or branding engine, for augmented reality, or to drive large scale video walls,touch screens or even displays across an entire venue. To learn more, see Related Applications.

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