PRIME Branding

Design and control tickers, promos and more.

  • Create

    Design animated, visually stunning crawls, promos and more with the same professional toolset as PRIME CG.

  • Enrich

    Display up to the minute data with PRIME's powerful data integration capability, or via a data management platform such as Chyron's NewsTicker.

  • Control

    PRIME Branding offers easy-to-use manual control and confidence monitoring and also seamless integration with automation systems.

Downstream graphical overlays - or branding elements - keep audiences informed, promote your station or network and offer sponsorship opportunities. Produce and play up-to-the-minute  headlines, sports scores, school closings, weather reports, financial data, and automated promos like ‘Now Watching’ or ‘Coming Next’ graphics.  PRIME Branding is a module of the powerful PRIME Platform and utilizes the same design toolset as PRIME CG. Learn more about the PRIME Platform here.

On Time, Every Time

Integration with automation systems ensures that events scheduled for playout execute on schedule. Once primary events (shows or ad-blocks) are triggered within a schedule, all other secondary events like graphics, tickers, lower thirds, or squeeze-backs are called for playback when scheduled.

Data Meets Design

Integrated with Chyron’s NewsTicker™ content management solution for access to back-end data streams, PRIME Branding creates data-driven graphic ticker displays for headlines, elections, sports scores, inclement weather and more. Configure logic-based scenes to refresh up-to-the-second, based on data feeds and trigger controls.

Built-In Quality Assurance

Built-in quality control features like object-based live preview allow control room operators to monitor graphics before triggering automation. PRIME Branding’s BXF (Broadcast Exchange Format) ensures accurate logging for billing purposes.

True Workflow Flexibility

PRIME Branding integrates easily into existing workflows, with support for all major scheduling and traffic systems. Supported protocols include Chyron Intelligent Interface, EAS, PBus, VDCP, Ross Talk, XML and oxtel to connect to traffic and automation systems.

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