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Chyron Academy™ offers structured, in-depth training about how to use Chyron products. Learn topics in a logical order, so everything makes sense. Get hands-on practice. Verify your knowledge with short quizzes. Know what to review and when to move on. Become Chyron Certified.

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Simply fill out the form using the “Enroll Today” button below! You can take any courses you like, and you are notified automatically when new courses are available. Chyron Academy is completely free, and you never need to re-enroll. Free 90-day licenses are available for PRIME Designer™ and PAINT™ for Chyron Academy™ participants.

Having Issues?

We’re dedicated to ensuring that you have a seamless and enjoyable experience. If you’re having trouble accessing Chyron Academy™, from Welcome Email to course Completion, our handy FAQ will be able to help you solve your most complex problems.

Can My Staff or Students Use Chyron Academy?

Yes! We can set you up to manage your team or class within the academy.

How do I get my freelancer software license? 

You will receive a Welcome Email, with further instructions. Within a week, you can expect to receive your requested software and software license. You don’t need these to take the course, but it’s good to practice.

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  • Chyron LIVE Basic Course

    We are excited to announce that the 2022 NAB Show Product of the Year now has a basic course on Chyron Academy! Enr...

  • PRIME Graphics Courses

    Learn PRIME graphics design and playout from start to finish, with three courses: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced....

  • Paint Courses

    Learn sports telestration with Paint through a series of easy-to-follow Basic, Intermediate and Advanced training m...

  • Software-based production switcher with built-in audio mixer

    PRIME Switcher Course

    Learn PRIME Switcher - including video source selection, applying keyers (linear, chroma and DVD), transitions and ...

  • Click Effects Courses

    Learn PRIME Click Effects quickly and easily with courses from our experienced venue product specialists. Each cour...

  • New Courses Coming Soon!

    Chyron Academy is growing! Check back regularly to see what's new!

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