Product Description

Captivating Video Wall Graphics Made Easy

Create and control video walls of any size, shape or pixel count with PRIME Video Walls, an application of the PRIME Platform. Video walls of atypical sizes and display ratios play an increasingly important role in set design and studio production. Chyron is the industry leader for driving graphics to these odd-sized on-set displays so that you can create stunning displays that take advantage of each and every pixelLearn more about the PRIME Platform here.

Key Features
  • Accurate Pixel Mapping

    Synchronizing a virtually unlimited number of pixels to multiple outputs, a single channel of PRIME Video Walls is powerful enough to feed unique content to four individual monitors or across monitors. Our versatile sub-channel technology allows you to define custom-sized areas of a larger output channel and playout graphics to any position on any of the screens in any order.

  • Robust Design Toolset

    PRIME Designer, our design UI, offers all the features that top-tier graphics artists expect, including timelines, a spline editor, and a full set of effects, available for keyframing. Tight integration with best-in-class design tools, including Adobe®️ Photoshop, Autodesk™️ FBX®️ ensures a smooth, efficient design workflow with fastest time to air.

  • Data Meets Design

    PRIME Video Walls’ powerful data-binding to scene elements enables easy visualization of data for showcasing real-time events as they unfold for election coverage, gameplay analysis and more. Logic-based scenes function as editable templates that designers can configure to refresh up-to-the-second based on data feeds and trigger controls.

  • End-to-End HDR Workflow

    Heighten audience engagement and viewership with spectacular graphics and video content across multiple high-resolution, non-standard studio displays with native HDR and UHD/4K support. Built-in SDR & HDR cross-conversion ensures there’s no need to recreate legacy content.

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