PRIME Touchscreen

Stunning, Data-Driven Interactive Graphics

  • Create

    Leverage the PRIME Platform's familiar designer toolset to create stunning touch-enabled graphics.

  • Enrich

    Infuse your graphics with data that can update in real time.

  • Present

    Trigger graphics with any type of gesture – touch, rotate, scale, drag, draw, move, and more – to tell your story, your way.

A module of the PRIME Platform, PRIME Touchscreen extends PRIME’s familiar real-time graphics workflow to advanced multi-touch responsive screen design. This powerful, intuitive application harnesses over a decade of experience building bespoke touchscreen graphical user interfaces (GUI) for studio talent worldwide. An application of the PRIME Platform, PRIME Touchscreen allows you to enrich your visual narrative with graphics that can be triggered by any type of gesture – touch, rotate, scale, drag, draw, move, and more.

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Full Interactivity

PRIME Touchscreen allows talent to select any scene element for gesture control. Once an element is activated as an input for actions and universal touch control, presenters can apply a limitless number of gestures to it.

Optimized for On-Air Presenters

Flexible for multitouch and multi-device production environments, PRIME Touchscreen allows multiple presenters to collaborate during a production and interact with objects simultaneously. Each scene in PRIME Touchscreen is developed around the idea of using interactivity to enhance storytelling.

Data Meets Design

PRIME Touchscreen’s powerful data-binding to scene elements enables easy visualization of data to showcase real-time events as they unfold. These logic-based scenes are perfect for election coverage, gameplay analysis and more.

Future-Proof Production Capabilities

PRIME Touchscreen offers resolution-agnostic authoring and output rendering, enabling graphics creation in any resolution (HD, UHD/4K) or output in any format with no need for additional rendering hardware. Future-proof production output with support for SDI or DVI production workflows.

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