Unreal Graphics, PRIME Simplicity

  • Create

    Design virtual environments for your broadcast with the Unreal®️ based application of your choice.

  • Integrate

    Bring your virtual set into the PRIME VSAR environment along with chroma keyed camera feeds and dynamic data for seamless live production.

  • Produce

    Update your virtual sets natively within PRIME VSAR. Drive your production manually or add virtual sets to your CAMIO | NRCS controlled rundown.

PRIME VSAR merges the cutting-edge graphics of Epic Games’ Unreal® Engine with Chyron’s built-for-broadcast design, editorial, and live production capabilities. Unleash creativity to create mind-blowing virtual productions with unparalleled photorealism, backed by a workflow that enables your entire team to leverage the power of Unreal to drive ROI in your everyday programming. PRIME VSAR handles virtual your way, supporting larger-than-life virtual environments in a green screen studio, augmented reality elements on a physical set, and tracked virtual set extensions feeding directly into your video walls.

An elections map of Texas in an Unreal virtual studio set, powered by PRIME VSAR.
A PRIME VSAR set for news broadcasters

PRIME Design Simplicity

Focus your creativity on bringing uniquely-captivating Unreal® experiences to life. PRIME VSAR's built-in design toolkit enables rapid creation of must-have broadcast elements and easy edits of Unreal elements within the VSAR interface. A native primitive library includes 3D text and objects with data integration for dynamic graphics, while weather forecasting and virtual screen templates simplify building a virtual studio environment. In addition, traditionally complex AR scene operations now function as easy-to-manage scene assets.

Familiar Newsroom Workflow

Every scene and model you build in PRIME VSAR translates into a template-based asset that your producers and journalists can use from your NRCS of choice. Browse and fulfill a visual asset library to build out your rundowns, customize and reskin VSAR scenes, render previews of changes, and push a real-time scene update through to playout - all from within the newsroom system interface.

Virtual Production Toolset

Whether tracked or trackless, PRIME VSAR provides all the tools you need for professional virtual production. The Cesium tracking processor operates on the host machine without additional hardware and supports all industry-standard tracking protocols. Meanwhile, the internal Mercury Panel provides a visual, simple-to-operate virtual camera control interface for trackless applications - accessible via web browser.

Robust Rendering Engine

Create rich, multi-camera virtual productions with less hardware and external system complexity. PRIME VSAR supports two cameras on a single-engine - offering SDI connectivity, HD & 4K-UHD format support, and HDR video. For absolute confidence-monitoring of every take in your show, you can dedicate a PRIME VSAR engine to generating real-time SDI previews of every virtual scene.

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