PRIME Commander automating a news show in a MOS newsroom workflow

PRIME Commander™

PRIME Platform™. Production Automation.

  • Integrate

    Drive your programs with a precise rundown-driven automated or manual playlist.

  • House of Worship - Live Production Solution


    Control graphics, switching, clips, third-party devices, and even video walls and virtual sets.

  • News - Live Production Solution


    Commander offers error free production in tandem with your existing NRCS.

PRIME Commander™ is a production automation layer that takes control of your PRIME Platform™ modules and essential third-party devices to orchestrate your live productions according to a precise playlist rundown. Built for MOS-driven workflows, PRIME Commander easily plugs into your existing Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) to create and update playlists in real-time. Untether automation from the traditional control room with environment-agnostic deployment on-premises or in the cloud. Combined with flexible video standard and format support, the PRIME Platform is well-suited for implementing MOS-driven automation in OTA, OTT, and streaming channels.

Command the PRIME Platform

Produce more with less through the fusion of all-in-one production and automation within a single platform. To execute your core production, PRIME Commander executes switcher ME control of sources, cuts, and transitions; cues and plays graphics and clips; and makes audio mixer adjustments. And when you want to bring higher production values to your shows, PRIME Commander also interfaces with PRIME's AR, video walls, and branding/newsticker modules.

PRIME Commander's production automation interface during a live production

One Interface for Back-to-Back Shows

Merge your entire production into a single production automation interface. The easy-to-read playlist contains color-coded playout status, expandable stories with scene details and timing, and mouse-over media previews identical to your NRCS. Enable full automation to power effortless 24-hour news wheel programs with automatic time-of-day sequences, or for more dynamic programs, utilize manual controls to trigger sequences at the perfect moment.

Seamless Newsroom Integration

Upgrade your existing MOS newsroom workflow with the power of production automation - without a complex overhaul. PRIME Commander plug and plays with industry-standard NRCS to automatically build and update playlists based on your journalists' rundowns in real-time. You can drive changes to inactive sequences and see active playout status all from within the NRCS. Plus, to make sure content is in the right channel at the right time, PRIME Commander works in tandem with our CAMIO media asset management system.

Wide-Ranging Device Control

Leverage industry-standard control protocols to drive your wider-circle production ecosystem. PRIME commander can manage additional I/O with external router control, control playout on VDCP media devices, and send simple commands to GPI-compliant devices.

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