Classic features. Next-generation capabilities.

  • Create

    Make stunning animated graphics with PRIME's robust, feature-rich toolset.

  • Enrich

    Besides stellar design capabilities, PRIME CG offers powerful data integration and extensive logic features.

  • Playout

    PRIME offers a host of functionalities for fast manual playout as well as MOS- or automation-driven playout.

Harnessing decades of expertise addressing real-time graphics workflows, PRIME CG brings ideas, information, and design to air, easily and affordably. A module of the PRIME Platform, PRIME CG offers powerful 3D real-time graphics rendering, intuitive authoring tools and flexible playout capabilities to easily create and air sophisticated lower thirds, over-the-shoulders, bugs and other character-generated graphics. And designers with mastery of PRIME CG can apply their skills to PRIME Video Walls, PRIME Touchscreen, PRIME Branding and PRIME Edge. All PRIME graphics modules utilize the same robust toolset.

To help our global community of Lyric users transition to PRIME, the LyricX application now runs on the PRIME platform and PRIME is easy to learn online with Chyron Academy. To learn more about the PRIME Platform, click here. For more on manual playout efficiencies with the Classic Keyboard, click here.

Chyron is renowned for being the inventor of broadcast graphics

Robust Design Toolset

PRIME CG offers all the features that top-tier graphics artists expect, including timelines, a spline editor, and a full set of effects, available for keyframing. Tight integration with best-in-class design tools, including full Adobe®️ Photoshop + After Effects import and Autodesk™️ FBX®️ ensures a smooth, efficient design workflow with fastest time to air.

Fast, Dynamic Updates

Base Scenes, our templatized graphics creation feature, streamlines design workflows. With full access to all the elements of a base scene (conditions, events, triggers, data-binding, etc.), a designer can make full-package changes in minutes instead of hours!

Data-Enriched Design

PRIME CG’s powerful data-binding to scene elements enables easy visualization of data for showcasing real-time events as they unfold. Logic-based scenes function as editable templates that designers can configure to refresh up-to-the-second based on data feeds and trigger controls.

Optimized for Manual or Automated Playout

Ideal for live production, PRIME CG streamlines the operator’s ability to make last-second changes to graphics or text objects in a queue for playback. Offering rapid scene recall and playout to air, PRIME CG extends the familiar LyricX operator workflow when paired with our Classic Keyboard. For pre-planned productions, PRIME CG integrates with all leading newsroom computer systems via Chyron CAMIO and may even by driven with Commander, the automation interface for the PRIME Platform.

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