Classic Keyboard™

Customizable Control

  • Integrate

    Derived from the renowned Chyron Blue keyboard and decades of manual playback insights, today's Classic Keyboard™ works with Lyric Pro®, Lyric X®, or the PRIME Platform™.

  • News - Live Production Solution


    Produce your show, your way. The Classic Keyboard™ offers familiar built-in keyboard shortcuts as well as user-defined custom shortcuts.

  • Mobile Truck - Live Production Solution


    Optimized for live sports and entertainment environments, the Classic Keyboard™ allows operators to quickly trigger commands for fast, easy, on-the-fly graphics recall and playout.

The name Chyron has been synonymous with broadcast graphics for over fifty years: from the iNFiNiT! to Maxine, the Superscribe to the Duet and Lyric and today, the state-of-the-art PRIME Platform™ with PRIME CG™ and a host of other modules for complete, flexible and scalable graphics and control room operation. Together with its graphics platform, Chyron pioneered efficient keyboard graphic operations in the mobile truck and in the control room, based on real-world, real-time live to air broadcast.

UX Familiar Design

The Classic Keyboard is a robust plug-and-play USB keyboard, designed to resemble legacy Chyron keyboards while taking advantage of the INTELLICOMMANDER Keyboard’s customizability and additional programmable keys. The Classic Keyboard uses the familiar key layout of the original Chyron keyboard for instant adoption by experienced operators.

Customized for On-Air Graphics Operations

Chyron Classic Keyboard is optimized for professional on-air graphics operations: custom legends and color-coding of keys to emphasize functional use, two rows of extra Chyron-specific functions with physical space for including a custom template for operator instructions, symmetrically placed arrow keys with “dead” center key allow experienced operators to quickly locate keys without looking, and a special Function key that allows operators to create a secondary function on certain keys for even more flexibility

Embedded Quality Assurance

The Classic Keyboard removes Microsoft ESC operating system keys from critical typing areas to prevent accidental use during live productions

Easy Integration

The Classic Keyboard's USB interface sends pure USB HID keyboard codes and works with any system with USB connections, including KVM. No extra power is required. The Classic Keyboard uses less than 500ma with backlighting off.

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