PRIME 3.6 …. Easy Rundown Reskinning… How it Works!

Reskinning an entire rundown has never been easier!

Step 1: Create Style Sheets in PRIME

Style Sheet is a property that may be applied to any group (and thus, its children) or object in PRIME. Created in the Logic window, Style Sheets use the new tag functionality, allowing the user to tag objects, and then set up If/Then statements.

  • Streamlines workflows by allowing designers to quickly change the look of some or all objects in a scene to match team colors, event-specific branding, etc.
  • Save hours of time while maintaining a smaller, more flexible package
  • No need to sort through hundreds of scenes to find the look you need.

See how it works!

Step 2: Use a PRIME Style to Reskin an Entire Rundown!

The CAMIO® workflow allows you to change your entire broadcast color palette, look, and branding simply and quickly, by adjusting the rundown settings to reference a different package or a different look built into the same package.

  • Quickly update graphics shared from a different rundown.
  • Reuse stories from another station in your group
  • Do a complete rebrand and more.

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