PRIME Time for Lyric Users

Does your facility currently use Lyric as its graphics platform?  If so, you are not alone!

Lyric users are part of the world’s largest community of graphics designers and playout operators. Thousands of Lyrics are in use around the world in broadcast facilities and remote trucks. Lyric is valued for its ease of use and rich feature set and has been a successful part of the Chyron product portfolio for over 20 years, having first launched in 1999. Chyron continues to develop, build, and ship Lyric today.

In 2017, Chyron launched a new graphics platform. The goal was to bring to market a platform robust enough to support the demands of the future and to support multiple use cases.

PRIME’s modern architecture maintains an end-to-end HDR workflow and uses the newest technology enabling user-defined input/output configurations.

PRIME is a resolution-agnostic system, allowing users to author in any aspect ratio, render in HD/4K, and output in SDI, IP, GPU, or NDI, all with no additional hardware.

  All of these use cases now run on the PRIME platform:

  • PRIME Branding
  • PRIME Clips
  • PRIME Video Walls
  • PRIME Touchscreen
  • Click Effects PRIME for venues
  • Augmented reality

Prime offers many exciting features to streamline your workflow and build better graphics, including:

  • Tools to meet the demands of top graphics designers, including a full set of key-framable 3D tools, a timeline, spline editor, virtual cameras and more.
  • Several features, including Base Scenes and Styles, to easily reskin single graphics or entire packages within the PRIME Design interface, from the playout interface or in a MOS workflow, via the LUCI NRCS plugin.
  • Robust import capabilities including Photoshop files, not flattened and with editable text, and Autodesk FBX files.
  • Augmented Reality, with camera tracking, to bring your data and your stories to life.
  • Integration with many types of data from files, feeds and scoreboards.
  • MOS integration with the most widely used NRCS and NLE.
  • Best of breed integration for automation: AMP for switcher control, VDCP, Cii, Oxtel, RossTalk and more.
  • BXF to track ad billing
  • Branding tools to allow for the most demanding channel branding applications

PRIME can accommodate your present workflow, and help you build for the future.

Chyron Makes the Move to PRIME Easy!

Of course, changing to a new graphics system can present challenges. Here at Chyron, we understand, and we offer solutions to make the transition as painless as possible.

Challenge: Designers and operators must learn the new system.

We now offer a full training program, online and completely free. Unveiled in April, 2020, Chyron Academy includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses in PRIME. Each course has over a dozen video modules, with companion simulated exercises and quizzes. Anyone can enroll, completely free, to receive full access and a free fully licensed 3-month trial version of PRIME. Learning and designing can begin before your new systems are installed, or even before they are purchased.

Of course, if you want dedicated onsite or online training with a live instructor, Chyron offers this service.

Challenge: You must rebuild your library of existing graphics.

Creative genius takes time, so it can be tough if you have a hard date to switch over to a new system. The PRIME system now can run both Lyric and PRIME software and can even playout Lyrics graphics. In a non-MOS workflow, you can playout from both simultaneously. In MOS workflows, use the application of your choice.

This allows the art department to build and test graphics on a schedule that works for them, and then fully launch PRIME when they are ready.

Challenge: Even once they are trained, it can take a while for operators to develop the muscle memory that allows them to quickly recall and play graphics in a fast-paced live playout environment.

Chyron recently unveiled the Chyron Classic Keyboard. This special keyboard works with both Lyric and PRIME. The Chyron Classic Keyboard offers the same layout and shortcuts that Lyric and Duet operators are accustomed to using, along with some new keys for new features.

What About Cost?

You know your old system isn’t going to last forever, but investing in a new graphics workflow can add up. We offer very flexible purchase options, including trade-in, purchase as a capital expenditure, or monthly pricing as an operating expenditure. Contact us for more information. We are happy to help you determine the option that is right for you! Chyron systems are know for their longevity and great support, so the investment you make now in PRIME will serve you well into the future.

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