Lyric to PRIME Guide for OB Trucks

Upgrades Simplified

Change is hard.

We get it. In the fast-paced world of live broadcast, the last thing you want to do is implement new technology, especially if it means creating a whole new graphics package. And in the OB truck world, this means high energy, data-driven sports graphics, which can be very complex.

Currently, Lyric is the most widely used graphics platform in live, mobile production in the world. We’re not forcing anyone to change, but the future is here now. We would love to help you get to know PRIME, the newest member of a long legacy of Chyron CG products. 

PRIME is a state-of-the-art graphics platform, comparable to or better than any other graphics platform on the market. 

Should you decide you are ready to switch to PRIME, either immediately or via a gradual migration, we want to make the change as painless as possible.

Typically, the key pain points for switching to a new graphics platform are:

  • What can you do to minimize on-air downtime, expense, or risk as you jump from your old graphics system to the new one?
  • Can you easily repurpose existing graphics or create new ones?
  • How can staff or freelancers quickly become experts with the new platform, without a major expense?

Let’s look at each of these, and how Chyron is working to make the transition from Lyric to PRIME as painless as possible.

Lyric to PRIME Upgrade Paths

Minimize Downtime and Expense

More and more users are discovering the power of PRIME, as a CG, branding engine, and multi-use platform and are eager to begin using it. If you are using an older version of Lyric, prior to Lyric Pro, there are two options for migrating to PRIME.

Option 1: Gradual Migration with Lyric Pro+

Future proof your investment with Lyric Pro+  – an upgrade package that includes Lyric Pro Windows 10, and LyricX, along with the hardware to support all of these, as well as PRIME.  You can permanently move to newer software versions on your schedule. When you are ready to shelf Lyric Pro, at no additional cost, you can switch to PRIME and use it with Lyric Mode to play LyricX and/or PRIME graphics packages.

Get in touch now for a consultation and special savings when you upgrade your system for Lyric Pro+

Option 2: Jump to PRIME

With this option, you can invest now to be well-positioned for the future, with the industry’s leading, modern CG. Customers, staff, and freelancers can easily learn PRIME via our online Chyron Academy. Or, for more complex design and data integration projects, we invite you to engage our Creative Services team.

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Control Room Efficiency with Chyron Classic Keyboard

Ease-of-use and efficient keyboard shortcuts are important in any live control room, and especially in mobile trucks, where Lyric is the leading CG. To keep things simple, Chyron now offers the new Chyron Classic Keyboard, fully compatible with Lyric and PRIME. This means that when Lyric operators transition to PRIME, with the Chyron Classic Keyboard they have at their fingertips all of the familiar Lyric keyboard shortcuts, plus some new functionality for custom keyboard shortcuts. 

The Chyron Classic Keyboard works with LyricX too, so it is the perfect keyboard, regardless of where you are in the Lyric to PRIME transition process.

Migrate CG Graphics from Lyric to PRIME

Easily Repurpose Graphics or Create New Graphics

Another important consideration in switching from one graphics system to another is your graphics package. Can you use existing CG graphics, or at least easily build new score bugs, OTS, lower thirds, and anything else you may need for a complete package? If you serve a variety of customers, how can you help them upgrade their graphics packages?

With a Lyric to PRIME upgrade, there are several considerations, based on whether you currently use LyricX or a previous version of Lyric.

For LyricX Users

For current LyricX users, the upgrade path is simplified, because PRIME can run Lyric Mode, meaning that users can run LyricX on the PRIME platform. In Lyric Mode, open the Lyric interface, recall scenes or messages, and play them through PRIME’s output channels. Note that this is not true backward compatibility: You cannot play Lyric scenes and messages via the PRIME user interface itself. Nevertheless, being able to play them on the same platform offers a convenience that would not be available to users transitioning from one manufacturer’s platform to another.

Click here to learn more about Lyric Mode and other great PRIME features

For Users of Older Versions of Lyric

Although LyricX can run on the PRIME platform in Lyric Mode, LyricX is not fully backward compatible with older versions of Lyric. To upgrade from an older version of Lyric, there are two paths:

  • To use your existing graphics, begin with a complete quality assurance testing of your Lyric graphics. Scenes and messages must be revised so that they can play on LyricX. The LyricX interface is familiar to Lyric users and once Lyric graphics are revised to LyricX compatibility, users can play them in Lyric Mode on the PRIME platform, and then make the jump to PRIME when they are ready. Our Creative Services team can help.
  • Or, the transition to PRIME directly. Graphics designers can use the online training at Chyron Academy to get started or our Creative Services team can make exactly what is needed.

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Online Training and Online Certification

Staff or Freelancers Can Quickly Become Experts Without Major Expense

Perhaps the biggest stumbling block to migrating to a new graphics system is ensuring that there will be qualified designers and operators. As any facility looks towards transitioning to a new CG, the hardware and software is only part of the expense. Training can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. If you rely primarily on freelancers, even if you do not train them, you must ensure that a readily trained base of freelancers is available, otherwise, your new system is useless.

Chyron Academy offers structured, ordered training with extensive opportunities to practice. Enrollment and participation are absolutely free.

Graphics Design Made Simple

Through the PRIME training course in Chyron Academy, designers will quickly learn:

  • Lower thirds, OTS, full screens, score bugs, and more
  • Animations, including 3D animations and transition logic
  • Data linking, to easily populate graphics via a variety of data sources
  • Use of base scenes to define the look of the entire graphics package
  • Logic to specify styles per team, station, or any other entity
  • Much, much more!

Free PRIME License

As operators and graphics, designers learn PRIME, there is no substitute for actual, real-world practice. That is why we offer everyone who enrolls in Chyron Academy an absolutely free and fully featured PRIME trial license.

Learn more or enroll in Chyron Academy today!


At Chyron, we make upgrades easy. To summarize, here is a checklist for a smooth transition from Lyric to PRIME. 

  1. Have your staff or regular freelancers begin their free online training today at Chyron Academy.
  2. Have your designers begin their training and online certification too. Don’t forget- they get a free fully-functional trial version of PRIME so that new designs can begin right away.
  3. Determine whether you want to (A) Upgrade gradually, first to Lyric Pro Plus, and then to PRIME, or  (B) move to PRIME right away. Remember, both LyricX and PRIME run on the PRIME platform, but graphics from older versions of Lyric may not be compatible.
  4. Work with your Chyron representative to ensure a smooth transition.

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