How The PRIME Platform Puts Venues On a Pedestal

The PRIME Platform introduced a dynamic, scalable, full-featured production engine that was made to be as adaptive as it is powerful. Allowing for complete customization for your workflow, you can focus on leveraging the most powerful graphics system on the market to leave a lasting impression for your fans, and more engaging content to attract potential sponsors. In this blog, we’ll fill you in on some of the best additions the PRIME Platform brings to venues, and give you actionable steps to make the most out of your investment. 

Chyron has a long history of supporting venues by bringing broadcast-level production technology to stadiums, arenas, and more. Utilizing the widely popular Click Effects, The PRIME Platform enables venues to create captivating experiences with the most powerful software stack for fan engagement. With the capacity to run an entire show by clicking less than four numbers on a keypad, PRIME’s automation allows you to drive any display, lighting, sound, and even emergency systems automatically, and from a single location. Via simple point and click, a single operator can deliver real-time graphics, video clips, audio tracks, animations, sponsor ads, fireworks, and whatever else you want to utilize to engage fans, strengthen franchise brands, and boost sponsor revenues.

From real-time 3D graphics to clips or live input switching, PRIME reduces your footprint, freeing up space and allowing you to focus on crafting up new experiences to captivate fans as they make their way back to the stadium. 

Utilizing an extensive suite of software modules outfitted for its specific use case, the PRIME Platform has been specifically designed to meet the broad spectrum of modern production demands. As existing and emerging markets continuously push the status quo, as does their technology- and so does PRIME. Chyron is the world leader in live production technology. The PRIME Platform champions our vision by merging our methodologies into a single-engine to drive, elevate, and/or automate your production. 

Dynamic video standards, extensive video format support, complete device interoperability, and cloud-enabled environment-agnostic deployment- the PRIME Platform is customizable to provide the functionality and quality your production deserves. PRIME’s cloud-enabled software architecture allows you to deploy and distribute resources how you see fit and is adaptable to the content creation, storage, and distribution strategy that best suits your organization.

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It’s no secret that hardware requirements and control room real-estate can be convoluted and expensive. Who you choose as your technology partners may even add another layer of difficulty. One of the most complex and restrictive costs for broadcasters is hardware requirements and the subsequent need for control room real-estate. Thanks to its software-based architecture, the PRIME Platform is 100% hardware-independent, making it deployable on-premises or in the cloud. Realize the full value of live production on the cloud by implementing the PRIME Platform onto your cloud infrastructure of choices – such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) – or your private cloud infrastructure. 

Cloud technology presents exciting new opportunities for broadcasters to spin up remote control rooms, drive low-cost OTT productions, build-out flexible disaster recovery systems for backup broadcasts, and much more. Instantly backup, synchronize, and update one or multiple PRIME Click Effects systems with Backdraft, Chyron’s fully redundant and automated backup solution that ensures that your media files, system settings, and even software updates are always fully synchronized.

The Latest Chapter in Click Effects 

When it comes to stadiums, venues, and arenas, Click Effects is well known for its combined ease of use and power. Widely used across the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAA, it has become a trusted product for some of the biggest names in sports entertainment. The powerful automation capabilities Click Effects’ operators’ trust to build unforgettable moments for fans have spearheaded the live event production process for venues and arenas worldwide. With over 25 years of experience redefining audio and video content delivery, Click Effects’ evolution has made it a trusted technology for premier sporting events ranging from the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup. 

It’s not just major events that Click Effects keeps fans captivated. With many of our staff coming from the world of sports, we understand that even the smallest fan fervor can be the mightiest. From college teams to minor leagues, PRIME’s flexibility, and scalability, have partnered with arenas of every size, sport, and setup. With its roots in Click Effects, the PRIME Platform is built for venues of the future, no matter the size. As our technology advances, as does our support. We care about our Click Effects customers and have taken steps to ensure we assist you, and your production can depend on. 

The PRIME Platform inherits the legacy of Click Effects through its full-stack suite of specialized software modules that we’ve specifically designed to address the expanding needs of modern venue production. The past year has thrown its fair share of world-changing events, making resilience and agility more important than ever. With this in mind, Chyron has focused on developing future-proof production technologies that make it possible for producers and broadcasters to keep fans entertained and up to date on their favorite brands, no matter the size. 

Let’s face it, technology is the key element in what makes or breaks any great production. The host of anxieties associated with the additional complexity of a tool typically isn’t worth the addition. Alternatively, that anxiety can be dissuaded by simply ignoring how complex the tool is. What use are all the bells and whistles if they only work to confuse operators, or collect dust? In a world where attention is tender, mistakes matter more than ever. Ensuring your technology does the job is the most paramount, and that means choosing the right technology partner. 

With stadiums and arenas in the United States only recently opening with limited capacity, venues have been creative in their approach to using their empty seats to generate revenue. As they continue to adjust to the evolving norms of coronavirus restrictions, the most creative, and most adaptive approach to generating revenue will typically be the most valuable. 

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With the introduction of the PRIME Platform, Chyron ushers in a revolutionary technology that helps you grab and keep the attention of your fans, and provide an experience that they’ll never forget. As the most powerful graphics player on the market, you can generate graphics that leave a lasting impression on any eager fan. Backed by the latest Chyron engineering, while maintaining the legacy of Click Effects, you’ll have a reliable technology partner that’s been in the production business Since Day One. 

The Simple, Complex Platform That Wins You Business

Designed to meet the standard of the most modern hybrid production environments, the PRIME Platform allows producers to deploy PRIME Click Effects, offering a single point of control for all entertainment devices in a stadium or arena. It’s also environment-agnostic, and deployable off-the-shelf, on custom hardware, on a virtualized machine, or entirely in the cloud. Our experts can get your team off the ground in no time with fully remote production capabilities, easily handling a wide variety of inputs and outputs (SDI, IP, NDI, H264 streams) and formats (SD, HD, 4K, UHD, HDR) with remote control and monitoring capabilities providing continuous visibility into those video sources. 

It does not just the ease of use that Chyron and the PRIME Platform bring to venue production. Enhanced PRIME CG design and playout capabilities, including robust Adobe After Effects import, make it a powerful tool for your arsenal. Whether through a sponsored bar, element, page, program, or custom package, stadiums & arenas can utilize the PRIME Platform to improve the quality and quantity of your inventory and generate sponsorship opportunities even without fans in your seats. These modern production capabilities, along with PRIME’s already rich toolset, allow your designers to build high-end graphics natively or import assets from other applications. 

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With Combined SDI & GPU Playout Support, the PRIME Platform can simultaneously address both SDI & GPU workflows, allowing for greater adaptability for both fan engagement and broadcast use cases. Meanwhile, the PRIME Designer interface fulfills all graphic design needs, regardless of the production module. PRIME Designer includes features that top-tier graphics artists expect, including 2D and 3D text and objects, an array of effects, a timeline, with spline editor, and keyframing for any object property. Create scenes and animations natively or leverage your favorite third-party tools with imports from Adobe After and Photoshop – whatever is easiest.

Utilizing PRIME Click Effects, operators have a single-seat of control for even the most atypical aspect ratio displays. Scalable to any number of outputs, when coupled with PRIME Mantis, PRIME can render millions of pixels to the most unique in-venue displays with unparalleled video processing and real-time rendering. Used to create your own “Moments of Exclusivity”, an operator can trigger multiple displays throughout the stadium, either in unison for a larger-than-life experience, or uniquely to address different parts of the stadium simultaneously. 

Ultimately, the combination of PRIME Platform’s comprehensive suite of live production modules that help producers captivate audiences with the seamless ability to enhance fan experiences and production values via data-enriched visual storytelling, using products such as Paint, Virtual Placement, or TRACAB, is what makes Chyron the perfect partner for venues and arenas hoping to create lasting impressions for eager sports fans. 

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When it comes down to it, we understand that the most important element of your production is time. With this latest version of PRIME, we’ve given the extra focus on the control layer, making sure that your operators can focus on creating memorable experiences rather than wasting time with back-end configuration. Each of the PRIME Platform’s production modules utilizes a dedicated interface for live playout and operation. Manage to brand the way that works best for your team, either pre-loading an all-in-one studio production, or control elements on the fly. When you invest in the PRIME Platform, you’re investing in your ability to manage your production how you see fit, with the most advanced tools available. The less time you spend managing your tools, the more time you can spend using them.

Producers and operators aren’t the only ones who benefit from PRIME’s flexibility in live sports. Without even realizing it, even fans and sponsors have grown accustomed to larger-than-life experiences at their favorite stadiums and arenas. As sports brands and rights holders look for more ways to develop their fan engagement ecosystem, the demand for venues is only on the rise. Fans in stadiums are looking for the grandiose experiences they are used to having at home, while fans at home are expanding the ways they interact with their favorite teams and players. There’s never been a better time to prepare your stadium for the inevitable return to live sports. Below, you’ll find out how you can get started as soon as today. 

Stepping Into the Winner’s Circle

If this is your first time hearing about either our PRIME Platform or PRIME Click Effects module, we encourage you to explore Chyron Academy. Using a simulation of our PRIME Graphics and PRIME Click Effects products to work your way through practical exercises and quizzes, you and your operators can gain invaluable experience getting familiar with Chyron solutions, and build muscle memory in managing authoring and playout- for free.

Upon successful completion of the course, individuals can earn Chyron Academy certification by submitting a professional recommendation confirming that they have successfully demonstrated their skills in a real-world environment, whether as a professional or volunteer. Chyron Academy makes product training accessible and convenient to all types of participants, from freelance designers and operators looking to break into the world of live sports production, to seasoned enterprise teams working within larger media organizations hoping for a quick refresh. Learning from the best — and on the latest technology — participants can learn what it’s like to work with the same products trusted by world-renowned sports brands.

Chyron offers turn-key services to ensure your investment is properly installed from start to finish by a certified Chyron representative and can work with you on finding the best level of support for you and your team. Whether you’ll be working with us, or we’ll be training a team of your choice, we offer design and operation training, either in your facility or via our online web portal. Our expert trainers can teach your staff the most efficient way to create and deliver stunning content for your productions, or you can register them for Chyron Academy to learn at their own pace. 

Our team is excited to usher in the next era of Click Effects and venue control with a powerful solution that allows you to generate revenue with or without fans in the seats. As one of the most essential parts of the sports ecosystem, Chyron sees the impact venues can have on keeping a fan captivated, encouraged, and engaged no matter what the world throws at them. Get in touch with our team to get a live demonstration of the PRIME Platform’s full capabilities, and learn how you can start taking advantage of the future of live sports production.

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