Order. Manage. Compose.

  • Order

    Request custom graphics from designers anywhere in your organization.

  • Manage

    Keep track of order status. Manage images so they are accessible for any composition.

  • Compose

    Easily design stunning composites, animated charts, maps and quotes.

Chyron’s AXIS is the proven leader in secure, hosted, on-demand graphics order management, design and animation. With AXIS, everyone from reporters to editors to news producers can quickly locate images, maps and charts, to bring stories and data to life. Composition that once took hours now takes minutes, allowing your graphic artists to concentrate on more complex design while journalists get exactly the illustrations they need for their stories.

Images, Maps, Charts, Quotes

Easily create bespoke graphics. A powerful set of modules covers topical news images, high-res maps, 3D charts and financial quotes - rendered in the cloud and delivered as still or movie files.

Collaborative Order Management

Dispatch and manage graphic orders and approval throughout your organization

Direct Access to Image Providers

Subscribers of AP Graphics Bank or Getty Images can browse topical and breaking news graphics for use in AXIS News.

Tight NRCS and NLE Integration

Streamline workflows with seamless integration with all newsroom systems and leading NLEs providing full access to your complete library of assets in real-time and from anywhere.

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