Product Description

Order. Manage. Compose.

Chyron’s Axis World Graphics is the proven leader in secure, hosted, on-demand graphics order management, design and animation.

With AXIS, everyone from reporters to editors to news producers can quickly locate images, maps and charts, to bring stories and data to life. Composition that once took hours now takes minutes, allowing your graphic artists to concentrate on more complex design while journalists get exactly the illustrations they need for their stories.


Key Features
  • Newsroom Integration

    AXIS fully integrates into your CAMIO-NRCS-Graphics workflow, allowing you to populate LyricX or PRIME graphics with content from AXIS.

  • Collaborate and Grow

    Cloud-based, AXIS is easily scalable, serving one or many facilities, allowing collaboration across your organization.

  • Images, Maps, Charts & Quotes

    To suit your needs, AXIS may be purchased with one or more feature sets for: topical news images high-resolution maps 3D charts financial quotes

  • Image & Data Providers

    AP Graphics Bank subscribers can browse topical and breaking news graphics for use in AXIS News. Microsoft Bing Satellite provides map imagery for AXIS Maps. Refinitiv provides financial data for use in AXIS Quotes. MGN Online subscribers can select graphics for use in AXIS News. TomTom Map provides data for AXIS Maps.

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