Product Description

Powerful. Intuitive. Web-based branding content management.

NewsTicker is a robust platform for managing all branding, ticker content and broadcast automation, whether third-party, manual, or viewer-generated. Hosted either remotely or on-prem from a highly-available server, newsroom personnel can manage all content aspects of the system.  From everyday headlines to a big election, NewsTicker is seamless, optimized for the task at hand.  Easily manage multiple data sources without multiple applications and convoluted workflows.  And, with its tight integration with PRIME BRANDING, NewsTicker presents the right content, in the right look, every time.

NewsTicker can handle it all:  election results, severe weather, school closings, headlines, sports data, traffic reports, finance, lottery results and social messaging.


NewsTicker Sizzle Reel

Key Features

NewsTicker Features

  • Easy Access, Easy Control

    NewsTicker is easy to access via the HTML5 web-based UI. User-based permissions allow the correct access and control to each person on staff. User-based playlist controls offer predictable and reliable on-air execution.

  • Generate More Revenue

    Powerful controls for rotating sponsor logos and tags easily increases your ROI.

  • Flexible Flow

    The broadcast-grade engine offers complex flow control without the need for scripting. One system can drive multiple, independent displays with different branding simultaneously. NewsTicker is suitable in a traditional, hubbed, or non-MCR environment.

  • Dual Language

    NewsTicker supports two languages tied to a single element for streamlined data management.

  • Backed by Chyron

    Remote system monitoring alerts our support team automatically about health issues. Automatic remote backup to Chyron’s data centers protects every NewsTicker client.

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