Robust MOS Graphics Management System

  • Create

    Create graphics templates upstream in PRIME CG or Lyric. Expose the text or image fields and the properties that you want to be editable in the CAMIO environment.

  • Integrate

    CAMIO integrates with leading newsroom computer systems. Journalists and producers fulfill templates, and add them to a story, to be triggered by the rundown.

  • Manage

    Manage, fulfill or reskin individual graphics or entire rundowns. Even add virtual elements or sets, Video Wall graphics or Touchscreen graphics to your rundown via CAMIO.

CAMIO®, our MOS-driven, graphics template management solution, is built for fast-paced news organizations. Eliminate the need for repetitive orders for new graphics design, as CAMIO® transforms your templates, graphics, and clips into reusable assets. With minimal training, producers can easily access graphics, fulfill them with text, images or clips and then add them to any story in the news rundown for automated playout. In addition to core graphics, CAMIO can drive other production elements including virtual sets and video walls.

CAMIO's hub for management of newsroom graphic templates for producers and journalists

Integrates with All Major Newsroom Systems

Journalists and producers can work directly within their NRCS to search, populate or order graphics, and add them to stories in the rundown with easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality. Octopus, iNews, ENPS, Dalet, Open Media, and Inception are supported, and with native plugins to Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, and Grass Valley EDIUS, the CAMIO Interface allows designers and non-linear Editors to import full-quality, on-brand rendered animated graphics directly into a story timeline. Use the same graphics for post-production packages as you do for live-to-air!

Flexible Architecture

CAMIO is designed to meet your production and business needs, offering you the flexibility to leverage virtualization and choose from a host of options, including On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid deployments. Whether your business needs are driven by CAPEX or OPEX investments, CAMIO reduces cost and increases efficiencies by delivering scalable solutions that raise productivity.

Leverage Prime Graphics

With Re-skinning, easily change the graphic look and feel of templates or entire rundowns from within the NRCS MOS plugin with a simple style selection. Leverage AXIS for advanced work order management, tracking and fulfillment, maps, charts, financial quotes, and image compositing.

Adaptable to Hub & Spoke Distribution

Ideal for distributed teams, CAMIO’s “create once, publish to many” approach ensures that template or asset changes made at a centralized design hub synchronize automatically to any or all remote “spoke” stations or production teams.

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