Chyron Weather

The Gold Standard in Weather Graphics

  • Collaborate

    Designers, presenters, producers and meteorologists can work concurrently within the Chyron Weather platform.

  • Manage

    Utilize radar, satellite or numerical prediction data. Edit stored model data and point data to template fields.

  • Present

    Deliver in-depth data in visually appealing graphics to your viewers, when and where they need it.

From weekly forecasts to severe weather and major storm coverage, Chyron Weather delivers high-value content on demand to your viewers, for output on air, on the web, streaming or to social media. Broadcast regular forecasts, emergency information or integrate weather with other news and sports content. For example, show your viewers real-time weather conditions at the scene of a major accident, or how the local weather forecast is developing up to and through a major sporting event.

Stunning Visualization and Storytelling

Customize high resolution data, with multi-layer data management, to create holistic forecasts illustrating different weather factors. Utilize 2D/3D terrain maps with sophisticated textures and shadows. Create engaging on-air presentations leveraging interactive touchscreens and Unreal augmented reality. Implement your station branding and sponsorships to monetize weather forecast segments.

Data Flexibility

From a-la-carte to turnkey providers - choose the weather data sources that are cost-effective and high-impact. Advanced data aggregation translates any data source into a template-based weather graphic. You can even extend map-based forecasting beyond weather - to analysis of natural disasters, traffic, COVID & elections.

Broadcast Ready

Deploy Chyron Weather for distributed teams, regionalized productions, or centralized production. Collaborate in a concurrent workflow with dynamic assets, edited and updated in real-time. Employ native MOS integration for editor-driven storytelling and workflow automation. Downstream, Chyron Weather offers out-of-the-box multi-channel distribution to web, social and OTT/VOD channels with minimal production cycles.

Cost Effective

Ease-of-use reduces cost of training and the need for specialized operators. With no premium or hidden data costs you are free to choose your preferred data source or provider. Native broadcast-ready workflow and integrations minimize professional services and maintenance. Strong ROI is easy with cost-effective software and flexible subscription or perpetual models, along with the potential to monetize your content through dynamic sponsorship opportunities.

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