Product Description

The Classic CG

Optimized for most demanding live sports and entertainment production environments, LyricX is the world’s most widely used graphics creation and playout solution. LyricX offers exceptional creative freedom, seamless interoperability, and advanced 3D object rendering.

Lyric X is available on its own platform as a full featured character generator or as an application on the PRIME platform, allowing a smooth transition from LyricX to PRIME.

Key Features
  • Time-Tested Workflow

    With design and playout on a single device, fast and easy message recall, keyboard shortcuts, and a deep pool of Lyric-trained operators worldwide, Lyric is the industry leader in live operation. The time-tested graphics workflow allows you to alter content on-the-fly and play out on air at the speed you need.

  • Faster & More Dynamic Graphics

    Key usability enhancements make LyricX easy to learn and even faster to navigate. The improved timeline streamlines the building and animation of graphics, while Scene Graph makes it easier to identify and find elements.

  • Data-Enriched Design

    LyricX has long supported 3D primitives. Designers can easily create 3D shapes without 3D modeling expertise. The Polygon Object lets designers define shapes within the third-party design application of choice, such as Adobe Photoshop, and bring the data back into LyricX where it can be modified and visualized.

  • Reinforced Quality Assurance

    Built-in quality control features like LyricX’s Auto Follow Diagnostics Pane offer visibility into complex or illegal messages paths. This better enables effective issue correction and debugging within complex scenes.

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