Your Guide to the Chyron PRIME Live Platform

Last month, Chyron announced the release of the PRIME Live Platform, a dynamic, scalable, full-featured production engine that bridges legacy workflows with the future of live content creation and distribution. Designed to meet the needs of today’s hybrid production environments, the PRIME Live Platform has been deployed in a dynamic array of industries and areas of focus- from news, broadcast to live stadium and arena sports. A testament to its flexibility as an essential production tool, we’ve continued to update the Chyron Blog with quick reads and useful tips to help you learn how you can make the most out of this exciting new addition to the Chyron product suite.

In this post, we’re happy to round up some of the best content to inform you and your team on what the PRIME Live Platform has to offer. Want to get our most up-to-date content straight to your inbox? Feel free to complete the form to the right to get either Weekly or Monthly updates on our latest content.

A Quick Introduction to the PRIME Live Platform

Designed to meet the challenges of today’s production environments, the PRIME Live Platform inherits the legacy of simplicity established by its previous iterations by offering an intuitive, easy-to-master configuration that allows for quick setup and deployment. In addition to ease of use, the PRIME Live Platform offers the unparalleled graphics, clips, and branding capabilities that it has continued to offer. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of production tools, PRIME is the perfect tool to give you the edge in tackling production challenges of both present and future. 

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Fully Flexible Software-Based Production

A diagram of the PRIME Live Platform and all of it's production modules, including production switcher, graphics, clips, and much more.

The PRIME Live Platform software-based architecture makes it easy to deliver the functionality and resources your production demands. Fully aware of the challenges associated with control room real-estate, Chyron provides an environment-agnostic solution that works with Chyron hardware, or your custom equipment. PRIME’s software-based production extends to the cloud as well, allowing producers to take advantage of private or public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services. Outfitted with an intelligent design that gives it intuitive web-based interfaces that unify control across your favorite PRIME modules, and other Chyron systems such as Paint, Virtual Placement, and more.

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All-in-One Cloud Production

A diagram showing an all-in-one cloud production system

Speaking of cloud computing, the latest version of PRIME comes with a host of advantages that keep you fully equipped for the future. Combatting the limitations of real estate, and the uncertainty onset by the coronavirus, cloud-based platforms provide more certainty when expanding your business and audience. It’s more than just safety that PRIME 4.0 provides. Nestled within the common foundation of the PRIME Live Platform, you have greater access to the tools that make your production unique. Ultimately, expanding to cloud-based platforms saves you money. With the latest version of PRIME, you can spin up a control room equivalent by combining production switching, graphics, clips, and audio mixing without the big hardware and real-estate costs. 

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Your Perfect Partner in PRIME

The PRIME Live Platform's new software-based production switcher in a remote production environment

Alongside the PRIME 4.0 comes Chyron’s software-based 2ME production switcher. Built on the same PRIME Live Platform, the production switcher module makes it possible to craft an all-in-one PRIME studio for the creation and delivery of content that keeps audiences informed, fans engaged and sponsors coming back. In live production, video is only half the equation, which is why PRIME Switcher includes a built-in multichannel audio mixer. To offer a complete production toolset, the PRIME Platform can merge this new production switcher/audio mixing capability with our renowned real-time graphics and clip playout tools. Renowned for its ease of use, the addition of PRIME Switcher puts more power and flexibility into the hands of your production to get you upgraded and running in no time. 

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The Ease of After Effects Import

Focused on innovation, we included the After Effects Import feature to ensure operators wouldn’t skip a beat utilizing existing packages, and so designers could still use their favorite tools to create and display the best there is to offer. At Chyron, the R & D team took feedback from our customers and waited to release this functionality until it could be utilized to its full potential. The result of this attention to customer response is a powerful, yet straightforward, streamlined workflow. As an application of the PRIME Platform, PRIME CG offers powerful 3D real-time graphics rendering, intuitive authoring tools, and flexible playout capabilities to create and air sophisticated lower thirds, over-the-shoulder, and other character-generated graphics in minutes.

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The Next Step In Mastering PRIME

If you aren’t already taking advantage of everything PRIME 4.0 has to offer, complete this form to get in touch with our staff who will be happy to help get you started on making the most out of your investment in the PRIME Platform. Alternatively, you can learn more about PRIME in the blogs below: 

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