PRIME Live Platform for News

Released in Q1 of 2021, PRIME 4.0 realizes the Chyron vision of a full-featured, easy-to-use platform that is scalable and customizable to the needs of each of our customers. The comprehensive suite of specialized software modules can adapt to any live production environment. At Chyron, some of our strongest roots are in news production, and this blog post takes a closer look at the PRIME Live Platform in news workflows. 

  • PRIME’s modern architecture supports core functionality that is expected in any modern news production environment, including renowned Chyron graphics.
  • PRIME also now supports software-based switching, making it a comprehensive live production solution.
  • PRIME offers additional cutting-edge modules that can take your production to the next level, and the flexibility required by today’s changing hybrid production environments.

Chyron Graphics at the Core

It is no secret that Chyron is known for innovating live-to-air broadcast graphics. An essential component of the new PRIME 4.0 is CG graphics. Already valued by small to mid-sized to top-tier news stations across the globe, PRIME offers a robust toolset for the design of lower-thirds, over-the-shoulders, full-screens and any other kind of graphic required to enhance your news broadcast. A key innovation with PRIME 4.0 is an After Effects import feature that truly delivers, bringing any or all After Effects layers and animations into PRIME as fully editable objects, including text editing, via a simple, streamlined process. 

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PRIME also includes a powerful clip server, to easily manage clips that are design elements of your CG graphics, as well as short “sound bite” clips. Teams can collaborate in real-time, with PRIME Clips folder management, synching, and distribution features, including watch folder functionality. 

Graphics and clips may be played manually from PRIME playout interfaces or easily inserted into your NRCS (iNEWS, ENPS, Octopus or others)  rundown via Camio, Chyron’s MOS-driven solution for template-based workflows. Camio can also make PRIME graphics templates available in your post-production suite. Working with all major non-linear editors, including Avid, Adobe and others, use your PRIME graphics templates for titling your packages, saving time and keeping your look consistent across live and edited content.  

Additional Chyron applications work seamlessly with the graphics component of the PRIME Live Platform. 

  • Chyron SHOUT may be used to further engage your viewers. Curate social media content and select content to populate PRIME graphics templates. 
  • AXIS, our unique content creation, and order management tool, can create and add charts, maps, and stock images to your graphics, as well as manage your own image library.

Brand New Software-Based Switching

With PRIME 4.0, Chyron introduces full-featured, software-based switching.  The PRIME Live Platform includes all essential switcher functionality including:

  • 2 M/E banks to prepare scenes and mix effects for your program, the additional ME is great as a source for your MAIN ME to “daisy-chain” mix effects.
  • Select background and key for the next transition, and execute transitions with your choice of effects.
  • Utilize PRIME’s multichannel audio mixing functionality from within the switcher UI.
  • Access and play PRIME CG graphics and clips. 

Additionally, the PRIME Live Platform can generate all-encompassing DVE scenes with less demand on switcher resources. Compose DVEs combining live video inputs and graphics within the PRIME Designer interface, and play it out on a single built-in graphics channel from PRIME Switcher. The behind-the-scenes PRIME CG horsepower supercharges the visual effects available to your DVE and makes it easy as any other graphic scene to take to air.

Although large-scale, hardware-based, third-party production switchers remain a key component of many control rooms, forward-thinking broadcasters are exploring the advantages of software-based, completely hardware independent switching, and value its unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability. 

  • Quickly spin up additional control rooms, using less space than with hardware panel driven switching
  • Implement workflows for remote production or disaster recovery.
  • Deploy broadcast-quality content on the air or over the top.
  • Leverage “as needed” use on-premises or in the cloud, with OpEx subscription pricing to avoid large capital expenditures.

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Beyond Broadcast Basics

Broadcast today is highly competitive. There is more content from more sources, available in more ways than ever before. How will you compete for your share of eyes on the screen? Beyond great journalism, compelling graphics and smooth production, how can you amp up your news broadcast?  

The PRIME Live Platform supports an array of applications that go beyond the basics. This powerful platform supports:

  • Augmented Reality: Bring data and stories to life with life-like 3D objects that appear to actually exist in your studio. 
  • Touchscreen Displays: Let your presenters drive on set displays, telling their story, their way.
  • Video Walls and Display processing: The same intuitive yet powerful graphics platform that designs and drives CG graphics can also handle large scale studio displays, creating graphics and driving them to a single, large, odd-sized display, or across multiple screens. 

With PRIME you can purchase the functionality and I/O resources you need, when you need them, to take your news to the next level. 

Rugged Branding

The utility of the PRIME Live Platform even extends downstream of traditional control room functions to branding. PRIME Branding facilitates the design, data integration, and playout of headline crawls, sports scores, school closings, weather warnings, stock and futures prices, and automated promos. PRIME Branding integrates with major automation systems, with myriad data sources, and with Chyron Newsticker.

How the PRIME Live Platform Works for You

PRIME works well with your existing infrastructure, communicating across 3rd-party devices with supported protocols including Chyron Intelligent Interface, AMP, EAS, PBUS, VDCP, Ross Talk, XML, and Oxtel. PRIME makes it easy to innovate and expand, moving your production capabilities from where they are today, to where you want them to be tomorrow and into the future.

Best of all, Chyron is always innovating. Recently, our research and development team grew by around 50%. An investment in Chyron today is an investment in a successful implementation today, as well as into the future. 

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