How to Start Earning Money as a PRIME Graphics Black Belt

If you’ve just earned your PRIME Graphics Black Belt from the ChyronHego Academy, congratulations! And if you’re in the middle of your courses, keep up the good work!

Whether you’ve already achieved formal certification or are still working toward it, you’re leveling up — acquiring the hands-on experience that will make you a valuable addition to any live news, sports, or entertainment production team.

In addition to expanding your own knowledge base and skill set in creating the latest broadcast graphics, you’ve become part of a global community of trained PRIME Graphics designers and operators. As a certified ChyronHego Academy graduate, you also win inclusion in the ChyronHego Freelancer Database, a new resource that connects graduates with professional contacts and job opportunities.

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Go the Distance! Certification Brings Opportunity

While hundreds of learners are participating in ChyronHego Academy courses, those who achieve PRIME Graphics Black Belt status and formal certification are part of an elite group. Though the academy is still relatively young, certified graduates have already landed jobs in major league sports and in professional broadcast graphics services.

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Certification is a valuable addition to your professional profile because it guarantees a high level of proficiency and a comprehensive understanding of PRIME Graphics software. Employers know at a glance that you’ve benefited from the finest instructors — the team of pros at ChyronHego — and the latest version of the company’s industry-leading graphics authoring and playout software.

As a PRIME Graphics Black Belt, you will have completed and submitted a graphics project for review by academy instructors who are product specialists and experienced professionals with real-world productions under their own belts. The graphics packages you build as part of your coursework make a strong impact as part of your portfolio, and potential employers will recognize in your work the quality and consistency they seek for their own productions.

Add Value and Earn More

Completing your PRIME Graphics Black Belt may be a challenge, but it’s an undertaking that yields rewards. As a member of this elite group, you’re positioned to take on a designer or operator role with virtually any media or sports organization. You’ve taken steps to increase your value to the organization, and you should expect to be compensated accordingly.

Broadcast and production technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, but you can be confident in your ability to help an employer and production team take full advantage of the dynamic, data-driven graphics that boost fan engagement, increase sponsorship opportunities and revenues, and drive brand loyalty.

If you’d like more information about how you can enroll in ChyronHego Academy and achieve PRIME Graphics Black Belt status, visit the registration page today. ChyronHego Academy courses and certifications are completely free, with online classes provided in a self-paced format that will allow you to learn at a pace that suits your schedule and availability.

[LEARN & REGISTER: Official ChyronHego Academy Page]

Certified graduates of ChyronHego Academy courses are encouraged to apply to be part of the ChyronHego Certified Freelancer Database, to be launched soon on the ChyronHego website. Click here to apply!

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