A diagram of the PRIME Live Platform and all of it's production modules, including production switcher, graphics, clips, and much more.

PRIME Live Platform: The Future of Software-Based Production

With the latest Version 4.0 release, PRIME has evolved into the PRIME Live Platform – a dynamic, scalable platform that bridges legacy workflows with the future of live content creation and distribution. Now, PRIME Live Platform serves as the essential foundation for a comprehensive suite of specialized software modules to address the full spectrum of today’s live production needs. Combined with a modern architecture that easily adapts to market demands for the latest technologies and emerging standards, the PRIME Live Platform provides the flexibility you need to address today’s changing hybrid production environments.

In today’s article, we’re going to give you a walkthrough of the core elements of the PRIME Live Platform itself to illustrate how this single-engine can become the basis for your entire live production workflow.

Software-Based Live Production

PRIME Live Platform is the common foundation for a complete ecosystem of live production modules you can use to assemble your ideal workflow. Our newest addition to the platform, PRIME Switcher, introduces a new software-based 2 M/E switcher with multichannel audio mixing functionality. You can load up an essential control room toolset that combines powerful production switcher, real-time graphics, and clip server capabilities – and merge them into an all-in-one PRIME studio interface. PRIME also offers specialized modules to enhance production value and simplify workflows for branding, augmented reality, touchscreen displays, video walls, display processing, and venue control – all from a single platform.

Crucially, the value of the PRIME Live Platform lies in the freedom to layer your production modules of choice over the PRIME engine on the fly. Additionally, we’ve now uncoupled input and output configurations from specific production modules. Instead, you can now assign a PRIME engine’s floating I/O resources where and when you need them. Ultimately, the PRIME Live Platform’s software-based architecture makes it easy to deliver the functionality and resources your production demands.

Address Broadcast, Live Stream, and In-Venue Productions

In today’s media industry, your engineering teams have to wrangle differing connection types, video signals, and formats to address all the channels that drive your revenue. To keep things simple, PRIME supports the range of SDI, IP, NDI, and H264 network stream signals your production demands and allows you to seamlessly combine them within your production module of choice for final output. Whether you’re broadcasting over the air, broadband internet, or within a venue – the PRIME Live Platform is ideal for capturing and delivering content across all channels. On the video format side of things, PRIME supports video in SD, HD, and UHD-4k – along with an end-to-end HDR (HLG, SLog 3) workflow with built-in SDR & HDR cross-conversion resources.

PRIME helps you maximize revenue with a platform that can feed all of your over-the-air (OTA), over-the-top (OTT), and web streaming channels with broadcast-quality content.

The PRIME Live Platform's new 2ME production switcher and PRIME Designer graphics interface

Environment-Agnostic Deployment

One of the most rigid costs and complexities for broadcasters is hardware requirements and the subsequent need for control room real-estate. Expanding operations into new markets can entail hefty capital expenditures, and upgrading existing workflows can be a science in itself. Thanks to its software-based architecture, the PRIME Live Platform is 100% hardware-independent, making it deployable on-premises or in the cloud.

If you’re looking to expand your existing hardware-based control rooms, the PRIME Live Platform is deployable via off-the-shelf Chyron hardware, your custom IT equipment, or on a virtualized machine. PRIME retains its production module flexibility on virtually any hardware medium.

Live Production in the Cloud

Alternatively, you can realize the value of live production on the cloud by implementing the PRIME Live Platform onto your cloud infrastructure of choice. PRIME plays well with public cloud services – such as Amazon Web Service – or your private cloud infrastructure. Cloud technology presents exciting new opportunities for broadcasters to spin up remote control rooms, drive low-cost OTT productions, build out flexible disaster recovery systems for backup broadcasts, and much more.

Ultimately, it’s about leveraging the infrastructure that suits you best, and the PRIME LIVE Platform is adaptable to the content creation, storage, and distribution strategy that best suits your organization.

Intuitive Control and Third-Party Integration

The final core element of the PRIME Live Platform is the control layer, making sure that your operators can focus on creating great-looking content rather than the back-end technology. Each of PRIME Live Platform’s production modules utilizes a dedicated interface for live playout and operation. Manage branding feeds, control all the display and graphic elements of your venue, or load up an all-in-one studio combining production switching, graphics/clip playout, media file management, and audio mixing from a unified control interface. All of PRIME’s production modules are easy to control in the heat of live production.

Meanwhile, the PRIME Designer interface fulfills all graphic design needs, regardless of the production module. PRIME Designer includes features that top-tier graphics artists expect, including 2D and 3D text and objects, an array of effects, a timeline, with spline editor, and keyframing for any object property. Create scenes and animations natively or leverage your favorite third-party tools with import from Adobe After and Photoshop – whatever is easiest.

For a high level of customization, you can craft web-based interfaces that unify control across your favorite PRIME modules and other Chyron systems such as Paint, Virtual Placement, and more – with PRIME Panels technology. An optional hardware interface can augment your tailored UI with ultra-low latency video previews directly in the panel for a seamless remote production workflow.

Discover Your PRIME Live Platform

With a uniquely robust and versatile foundation for broadcast-grade live production and a comprehensive suite of modules to drive captivating content, PRIME Live Platform can be the basis of a workflow driven by a single-engine. To discover what you can achieve with the PRIME Live Platform, get in touch with our team. We’re happy to consult with you on the future of your live broadcasts.

Otherwise, be sure to subscribe to our Chyron blog. We have plenty to share about platform-driven workflows, live production in the cloud, remote workflows, and much more. Next week, we’ll delve into the PRIME Live Platform’s newest module, PRIME Switcher, and the advantages of software-based production switching.

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