Product Description

Multi-System Control. Your Way.

Panels is an ideal way to create customized and simplified control for any live production that uses multiple devices or applications.

A scalable, modern back-end solution, Panels offers multi-user and multi-device setup. Control multiple Chyron systems, such as LyricX, PRIME GraphicsVirtual Placement, VSAR, Paint and Click Effects PRIME, or other third-party solutions via a unified browser-based interface.

Key Features
  • Customized User Interfaces

    Easily build your own unified, push button interface for simplified operation. Build custom scoring applications, customized data integration or create a set of easy-to-use controls for your specific workflow.

  • Native Support for the Full Chyron Product Portfolio

    Natively control all of your favorite tools such as Lyric, PRIME Graphics, Click Effects PRIME, Paint, Virtual Placement and more.

  • IP Multi-Viewers

    Create an advanced IP-based multi-viewer to distribute video previews over your facility’s infrastructure, or to provide advanced remote support.

  • Ultra-Low Latency Video Previews

    Optional hardware interface allows for integration of video previews inside your panels.

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