PRIME's latest release implements the latest NDI 5 protocol, ultra-fast hotkey graphics operation, asset editing improvements, and more!

New Feature Enhancements in PRIME Platform Version 4.4

Recently, Chyron announced the 4.3 release of PRIME Platform, which brought a host of improvements to PRIME CG and PRIME Switcher – and most notably – the addition of the PRIME Edge Interactive Graphics module. Hot on the heels of that last release, the PRIME product team is announcing the release of PRIME 4.4. This latest version implements significant behind-the-scenes engine enhancements and further accelerates the speed of live graphics playout and editing.

PRIME 4.4’s feature additions include:

  • Support for the latest NDI 5 video over IP protocol
  • A new hot key resource for ultra-fast scene, application, and project-level control
  • Quick-access editing of scene media and base scenes
  • An upgrade to Microsoft’s latest .NET6 iteration

Let’s take a brief walkthrough of these new enhancements and how they can accelerate your production workflows!

[DOWNLOAD NOW: Visit the PRIME 4.4 Download Area]

NDI 5 Video-Over-IP Protocol Support

PRIME Platform now supports NDI 5, the latest video-over-IP protocol. With this implementation, users can install NDI Tools directly into PRIME via the NDI Portal. This installation allows for the utilization of NDI Access Manager from within PRIME, which empowers users to better manage the accessibility and visibility of NDI sources in their productions. Additionally, users now have greater visibility of the status and specific errors that may be affecting their NDI connectivity to PRIME from within the playout configuration interface. With more granular connection info, you can say goodbye to vaguely troubleshooting your entire NDI workflow.

Other noteworthy improvements with NDI 5 include:

  • Reliable UDP for more stable transfer of video and audio signals over network connections – with less configuration hassle
  • Power-user settings for enhanced NDI Multicast performance
  • Improved tools for NDI-driven video production in cloud instances with paramount security demands

Hot Key Resources for Fast-Paced Live Production

Hot keys are a new resource that designers can utilize to offer ultra-fast control of graphics playout – perfect for operators in dynamic OB van, sports production, or breaking news environments. Hot Keys allows users to trigger a command for virtually any element in PRIME – be it an action, condition, parameter, or sequence control – using any key or ALT / SHIFT combination on a keyboard. These hot key resources are applicable at the scene, project, and application-level within PRIME.

For example, in a live production scenario, here’s how you can use hot keys for a more efficient show:

  • Application-level hot keys control a universal timer used in all your graphics 
  • Project-level hot keys to initiate general visual changes to your graphics package
  • Scene hot keys control unique movements, transitions, and information in an on-air graphic

Hot keys allows users to get away from mouse-and-click operation of graphics, which can be very powerful in all-in-one operator scenarios when using PRIME Switcher.

Faster Clip and Media Asset Editing 

PRIME Designer now provides a right-click option to access the specific editing interfaces for the different media you are using in a graphic. Selecting a clip and choosing the edit option will open PRIME’s clip editor interface. However, PRIME can also open images with the default application of your choice on Windows. Say you want rapid access to Photoshop editing of PNG images you’re using in your PRIME scenes. On your PRIME instance, you can set Photoshop as the default application for the file type in Windows and open up the file in Photoshop directly from PRIME Designer. 

Ultimately, this is an excellent feature for speeding up the editing process in rapid request scenarios.

Simpler PRIME CG Base Scene Workflows

Many PRIME CG designers utilize base scenes to fulfill a wide array of parent scenes in their graphics packages. However, after your graphics package is all built out, it can be tricky to locate the base scene driving your other files for editing – particularly if you’re in a rush. With PRIME 4.4, you can now open up your parent scene assets window, right-click the base scene, and open it up for editing from the mouse dropdown menu. In short, no more scrolling through a vast graphics package with near-identical naming conventions for that one scene you need to edit!

Upgrade to Windows .Net 6.0

Very much a behind-the-scenes technical upgrade, but one that will benefit the performance and future development of the PRIME Platform engine. Windows .Net 6.0 is the new framework that Microsoft will continue to support and develop, allowing Chyron to continue its rapid, ongoing development of the PRIME Platform.  In addition to faster and more reliable performance, this upgrade allows PRIME to take advantage of gRPC enhancements in .Net 6.0 – a remote procedure call framework that is essential in cloud-native production workflows. Let’s just say this technology plays a vital role in one of our major upcoming announcements at NAB 2022.

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