Interactive Graphics for OTT and Streaming Content

  • Create

    Design animated, interactive graphical overlays in the intuitive PRIME CG interface.

  • Manage

    Test, manage and deploy your interactive content from the PRIME Edge Console.

  • Engage

    From any device, anywhere, each of your viewers can drive their own personalized experience.

PRIME Edge is a cloud-based service for the management and deployment of broadcast-grade interactive graphics - created and powered by PRIME CG - across your OTT channels, streaming content, and online digital platforms. By putting your viewers in the driver’s seat with objects that respond to touch gestures and mouse clicks, PRIME Edge empowers your audience to curate the data they care about in-stream without having to divert attention to a second screen.

Viewer Interactivity

Give viewers the ability to surf content without leaving your stream. Your viewers can drill down on the election results of their choice, browse and shop for the gear they see on-screen, track the stats of their favorite home team player, or double-check recipes during their favorite cooking show. The possibilities for engagement are endless.

High-Value Sponsorship

The interactivity of PRIME Edge unlocks all-new revenue streams across your web and OTT channels. Tantalize advertisers with high-value targeted content based on viewer selections. Deliver actionable advertising conversion directly from your video content - with clickthrough calls-to-action in your graphic that can redirect viewers to websites and e-commerce pages for purchase. PRIME Edge's interactive graphics are top-dollar sponsor real estate.

Cloud Management Console

The PRIME Edge Console is where you can test, manage, and deploy your interactive content - and as a cloud-based service - it's easy to access from any internet-connected web browser. Centralize all your graphics into a single web-based portal, where you can review project assets, test interactivity, update data bindings, and publish across all your web-based video players. The accessibility and scalability of the cloud makes PRIME Edge ideal for suiting your dynamic content needs.

Powered by PRIME

Powered by the industry-leading PRIME CG, you can employ the universal PRIME Designer to craft captivating and compelling interactive graphics with advanced logic, data bindings, stunning effects, and fluid transitions. This is the same process CG designers know and love, with an exciting new opportunity for interactivity.

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