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All-in-One-Production on a Cloud-Native Platform

With the recent announcement of Chyron LIVE, the production quality of a top broadcaster is now more accessible to live content creators than ever before. LIVE combines the Chyron-grade functionality of a complete live production studio, all within a single cloud-native platform, including video switching, audio mixing, motion graphics, clip playout, replay creation, and dynamic telestration. 

Cloud technology plays a vital role in Chyron’s mission to democratize professional production with LIVE. Through the power of the cloud, all of LIVE’s leading production features are made available without the need for ultra-expensive hardware investments and control room real estate – one of the largest barriers to smaller-scale creators. Instead, with a computer or tablet and a standard internet connection, anyone can produce a broadcast-quality show on-demand – for a fraction of the traditional cost.

To see what you can achieve with Chyron LIVE, let’s take a walk through the range of its standout production capabilities:

Web-Based Live Video Production

The first advantage of Chyron LIVE is just how simple it is to bring all of these powerful production elements together for a show. Traditionally, each of these key all-in-one features would require a standalone product, with it’s own user-interface and operational quirks, that requires a highly-skilled operator to fulfill each individual role. Chyron LIVE merges all of these production functionalities into a single web-based interface that distills control down to the most basic, straightforward operation possible. A sportscaster, student, or volunteer can quickly learn to execute a show single handedly, while real-time collaboration across multiple connected users enables remote crews to coordinate on fast-paced shows.

Chyron LIVE's web-based production switcher and audio mixer interface

Live Video Switcher

Chyron LIVE combines the essential features of a live video switcher into an easy touch-and-take-it-live interface. Simply press a source to bring it into preview and press it once more to bring it to program. Real-time video feeds for live inputs, graphics & clip channels, and preview/program outputs allow you to see the status of all live elements at all times. Plus, keying / overlaying of graphics and clips is a breeze with the always visible keying interface in the bottom left corner. 

Multichannel Audio Mixer

As the term A/V indicates, video is only half the equation to a good viewer experience. LIVE’s built-in audio mixer allows you to get the perfect levels for audio sources from your live inputs, clips, and sound effects within your impactful stinger graphics. To ensure the levels are always right, LIVE’s audio mixer control is available at all times within each tab of the web-based interface.

Chyron LIVE's interface for broadcast graphics and clip playout in a cloud production environment

Chyron-Grade Broadcast Graphics

A real gamechanger to web-based production, Chyron LIVE provides two channels of legendary PRIME CG motion graphics entirely within a cloud environment – no expensive chassis required. These are the same graphics that have defined the world of high-end broadcast – with 3D animations, dynamic effects, unlimited layering, rich data visualization and so much more. With Chyron LIVE, PRIME CG scenes are uploaded to the cloud, making them available within your LIVE web browser instance. A dedicated Browser interface makes it easy to browse, search, edit replaceable elements and collect scenes into playlists that you can quickly access and take live during playout operation.

Clip Server in Your Browser

Productions are always media-heavy, with story reels to set the scene or replay packages that sum up the defining moments of a match. With LIVE’s dual-channel clip player and simple playlist creation functionality, you can get all the footage you need on-air. Straightforward playback controls within LIVE’s playout interface make it simple to nail your production look with clips that start to play just as your stinger transition graphic is animating off the screen.

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Creating a replay with telestration in the Chyron LIVE sports production interface

Sports Replay Creation

Replays capture those moments your audience will never forget, and Chyron LIVE provides access to recordings from all six of your live inputs to clip off, package, and play out as clips for your audience. Once a replay is saved, it becomes immediately available in the Browser interface for addition to your playlists. Users can also utilize the playback tool in the Telestrator interface to drive slower motion replays via touch, mouse, or external device control – such as a jog wheel.

Dynamic Telestration Analysis

Telestration allows sportscasters to offer visualized commentary that enhances viewer engagement with expert analysis of the magic behind a play. Chyron LIVE’s telestration tools can highlight key players, track lightning-fast pass plays, magnify pivotal moments, and illustrate the flow of play. Telestration elements can animate-in, track along a timeline, and animate-off at your discretion. The best part? This top-tier sports production value doesn’t require advanced operators. Anyone can pick up Chyron LIVE replay and telestration tools within minutes.

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The Power of Cloud-Native Production

Again, while each of Chyron LIVE’s components represent a powerful tool for live production, the real secret sauce is how they’re all blended together into a simple web-based production interface. The benefits of this are threefold for live content creators:

  1. Access to top-tier production tools for an ultra low-cost pay-by-production-hour model
  2. Flexible remote workflows with multiple users collaborating from anywhere in the world
  3. High-end production values from a web-based user interface with a low-barrier to any user

What live content do you want to take to the next level? Visit the Chyron LIVE product page to learn more about the capabilities of this cloud-native live video production platform.

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