Drive Viewer Interactivity in Your OTT and Web Channels

Digital devices – such as phones, tablets, and computers – are fast becoming the battleground for live content viewership. Younger audiences are trending towards digital devices as their preferred viewing method – and to boot – the majority of TV audiences use a digital “second screen” device to look up information related to the content they’re viewing. To stay relevant, broadcasters need to dominate in the digital space – so what can you do to offer a viewing experience that stands out from the competition?

Viewer interactivity is the key. Historically, the realm of OTA broadcast has been unable to realize true viewer interactivity. The ongoing rollout of ASTC 3.0 promises to bridge this gap with a fusion of over-the-air signals and internet connectivity working in tandem, but this is still an in-progress effort. Meanwhile, the digital devices that OTT platforms, live streams, websites, and mobiles apps live on provide the foundation for greater viewer engagement than ever before.

Now, with Chyron’s PRIME Edge interactive graphics, you can build on that foundation to put your audience in the driver’s seat of a personalized, engaging viewing experience.

PRIME Edge Interactive Graphics for OTT and Streaming Content

What is PRIME Edge? The latest module of the PRIME Platform for the management and deployment of real-time graphics that viewers can control via interactive touchpoints. As a cloud-based service, PRIME Edge specifically powers interactivity across your OTT channels, streaming content, online digital platforms, and mobile applications. With graphics created and powered by PRIME CG, you can present audiences with broadcast-grade graphics that react intelligently and fluidly to touch gestures and mouse clicks.

PRIME Edge’s interactivity empowers your audience to curate the data they care about in-stream without having to divert attention to a second screen. These interactive graphics also present unprecedented return-on-investment opportunities for web and OTT channels, able to drive clickthrough conversion directly in-stream. In short, this is the kind of high-value ad space that sponsors dream about.

Let’s walk through the process of how PRIME Edge’s interactive graphics come to life:

The design interface for an interactive PRIME Edge graphic

CG Design as You Know and Love

The first step is graphics creation, which stays within the same PRIME Designer workflow that PRIME CG designers are already familiar with. You can take advantage of PRIME Designer’s advanced logic, image embedding, and stunning effects & transitions to bring beautiful, fluid graphics to life. Featuring PRIME’s easy-to-use data binding toolset, the information within your graphics will always stay relevant. Finally, with PRIME’s touch effect functionality, you can add interactivity to your scenes for direct viewer control – and with a new URL binding functionality – add clickthrough sponsor opportunities directly within your graphic.

For current PRIME users, this is a chance to leverage existing in-house resources to create interactive content for new OTT and web channels. No specialized web or mobile developers are required. 

A graphic showing how easy it is to upload interactive graphics to the cloud

Simple Local-to-Cloud Upload

When it comes time to transfer your interactive graphic to the cloud, the process is simple. Within PRIME Designer, you can utilize the Edge Upload Manager to package your scene and relevant project files for upload to the PRIME Edge cloud console directly from your local instance. Before upload, you can review all of your scene’s data sources, font styles, image elements, and other essential elements – including or excluding them for upload as you see fit. As your project filters into PRIME Edge, it converts into a web-friendly format that smoothly overlays over video players in your OTT, live streaming, and web channels. It’s that easy!

The cloud-based management console for interactive graphics in PRIME Edge

Cloud-Based Management Portal

After upload, all of your interactive graphics are easily accessible in the Edge Console web portal. From anywhere with an internet connection, you can manage your uploaded content and review scene asset files, including imagery, fonts, data bindings, and styles. Before going to air, the internal demo environment makes it simple to test graphic interactivity over your live stream or web-based video player of choice. When it comes time to deploy, all it takes is a single click to get what you need from PRIME Edge.

Deploy to OTT, Live Streaming, and Digital Platforms

For deployment, PRIME Edge provides a URL code you can use to overlay your interactive graphics on top of the video source in your edge device. On a technical level, PRIME Edge interactive graphics function as a web widget that you code to appear over your video player within your platform of choice. So when you start designing your edge devices – be it a mobile app, web browser, or OTT platform – the Edge URL code is what you will use to add the interactive graphic overlay to the experience. 

A sizzle reel showing interactive graphics for OTT, live streaming, websites, and mobile apps in action.

[WATCH: PRIME Edge – Interactive Graphics for OTT and Streaming Content – Overview]

Put Your Viewers in the Driver’s Seat

Here we arrive at the end goal of PRIME Edge: to engage your viewers with a one-of-a-kind interactive viewing experience. On any device, anywhere, each member of your audience will have a fully personalized experience that they have total control over. Your viewers can drill down on the election results of their choice, browse and shop for the gear they see on-screen, track the stats of their favorite home team player, or double-check recipes during their favorite cooking show. The possibilities for engagement are endless.

Viewer Interaction = High-Value Sponsorship

PRIME Edge services more than a top-notch viewer experience – it also services your bottom line. With PRIME Edge, you can unlock new revenue streams from your OTT and web channels with targeted content tailored to viewer selections. Additionally, you can drive actionable in-stream conversion like never before, with clickthrough URLs in a graphic that send viewers to sponsor websites or e-commerce pages. Advertisers will be able to track their results with you from view-to-purchase – helping them sell their organization on increasing investment with your channel.

Take Your Graphics to the Edge

By combining the familiar CG design workflow for real-time motion graphics with the flexibility of a cloud-based management platform, PRIME Edge makes it easier than ever to bring stunning, interactive content to your viewers. By empowering your audience to curate the information they care about, you can stand out against the competition in the OTT space. 

To learn more about PRIME Edge and the recent 4.3 release of the PRIME Platform – visit the full breakdown page here.


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