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Audio Mixer Enhancements in PRIME Live Platform 4.1

In the world of broadcast and live production technology, great video needs equally great audio to deliver a top-tier show for your audience. Needless to say, many people call it A/V gear for good reason. To that end, with the introduction of PRIME Switcher – a software-based 2ME production switcher – to the PRIME Live Platform back in April, Chyron also built a brand-new multichannel audio mixer into the very same switcher module and interface. With the ability to combine this new production switcher and audio mixer functionality with PRIME Live Platform’s legendary CG and clips functionality, users can create an all-in-one studio on a dynamic platform that’s deployable however they see fit.

Now, with the Version 4.1 release, PRIME Live Platform’s built-in audio mixer is getting some standout feature upgrades to drive multi-talent / guest shows, simplify receiving and sending audio, and automate productions based on audio-driven rulesets.

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Audio Mix-Minus

The most widely requested audio mixer feature is now ready and available with 4.1 – audio mix-minus. With this feature, you can allocate the audio mixer’s available output channels to create numerous auxiliary audio outputs, each with a custom channel mix, so you can get the specific audio you need and send it where you need it.

The new audio mix-minus functionality in the PRIME Live Platform's audio mixer

Audio mix-minus is a vital tool for producers in a variety of production scenarios:

  • Giving on-air commentators a mix to listen to the program audio, other commentators in the show, and instructions from staff in the control room – minus their own mic audio, so they aren’t distracted by an echo delay of their voice.
  • Provide unique aux mixes to a panel of guests who may be appearing on your program via remote feed or online conferencing software.
  • Feed a select handful of channels that are running into your control room systems into a powerful in-venue audio mixer that’s driving the audio of your live event. In a live concert scenario, you could take the clip and graphics audio from your PRIME Switcher and send it to the main venue mixer for centralized audio management.

Embedded Audio, System Audio, or Dante Audio Over IP

Additionally, with PRIME Live Platform’s 4.1 release, it’s also easier to receive and send audio in the way that suits you best. Since its launch, the PRIME Live Platform has been offering easy embedded audio management. Now users can utilize system audio as a source, enabling usage of third-party products such as Dante AV devices. Dante systems make it easy to send numerous video and audio signals over an IP network rather than loads of cables. Just like the input side, PRIME Live Platform can send your auxiliary mixes out via embedded and system audio (again, great for use with Dante modules). Plus, you can send audio out directly via USB-connected speakers, so if you want to run a live in-venue event entirely from the PRIME Live Platform, you can do just that!

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Audio Director

Audio Director is a unique and powerful Chyron tool that augments PRIME Switcher with simple, audio-driven automation. Within Audio Director, you build out a rule-set that specifies active audio inputs & microphones, volume thresholds, and time delays to automatically trigger source selections, cuts, transitions, keyers, and DVE scenes on PRIME Switcher. Say you’re producing a talk show with a host conducting an interview. Audio Director can trigger PRIME Switcher to automatically switch between the host and the interviewee, based on your specified audio thresholds. If both are speaking, Audio Director can switch to a wide shot for an in-person interview or a two-box DVE if the guest is remote. It’s easy to script behavior for precise automation of your show or even introduce randomness for more of a live feel.

This automation also extends to an all-in-one PRIME Live Platform studio setup, with the ability to select, cue, and playout scenes on graphics and clips channels – and even initiate volume control commands on the audio mixer itself. Audio Director is an ideal choice for simplifying the execution of conversation-driven productions such as visual radio shows, government hearings, or corporate meetings and events.

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The PRIME production switcher interface with the new audio mixer features

PRIME Audio Mixer Power

That’s what’s new and exciting for the PRIME Live Platform’s audio mixer in version 4.1! Don’t forget, this is only the first update since the introduction of PRIME Switcher and this built-in multichannel audio mixer – there’s still plenty more exciting features coming in future releases. Subscribe to our mailing list for the latest version release news or register for our blog for more audio workflow tips.

Otherwise, if you have any questions about the new audio mixer features in PRIME 4.1. or want to know how you can simplify shows with PRIME Switcher and Audio Director – contact our team. We’re always happy to help!

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