NDI Launches NDI 6, Unlocking HDR Support and Expanding WAN Connectivity for Hardware

STOCKHOLM – April 3, 2024 –NDI, the global video-over-IP connectivity standard, announced the release of NDI 6, a key update set to significantly impact broadcasting and content creation. NDI 6 introduces native HDR support and expands WAN connectivity for hardware, addressing critical industry requirements and pushing the boundaries of visual quality and remote workflows.

“The highly anticipated NDI 6 introduces 10+ bit HDR support to answer growing quality demands coming from our users,” said Nick Mariette, Director of Product Management, NDI. “The feedback from our customers and beta testers played a pivotal role in developing NDI 6. Many of our partners want to adopt NDI workflows more profoundly, and further improved image quality will enhance the usage of NDI. Now, anyone seeking high-end quality can stream in HDR with the flexibility, efficiency, and interoperability NDI has always offered.”

Equipped with native HDR and 10+ bit color support, NDI 6 is a powerful option for tier 1 Broadcast, meeting industry demands for professional-grade video streaming over IP and making broadcast-quality streaming widely available. The update empowers broadcasters and content creators with higher contrast, which expands brightness headroom. Additionally, it offers wide color gamut and minimal color banding, which ensures seamless transitions and gradients, and broad compatibility, with support for PQ and HLG formats expanding streaming to most HDR and non-HDR devices.

WAN connectivity is now embedded into cameras through an NDI Bridge utility for hardware. This plug-and-play solution promises a transformative impact on the flexibility of remote productions and setups, offering a seamless experience for anyone sending and receiving video, regardless of the device, platform, or location. The new feature allows devices to send encrypted NDI streams over a WAN, facilitating secure, remote real-time collaboration between locations. NDI-enabled cameras with the Bridge utility can join remote networks without depending on additional software or tools. 

Since Q4 of 2023, the core technology update has been under beta testing with industry-leading product developers like Autodesk, Chyron, Kiloview, Lumens, Matrox, Panasonic and Vizrt as part of the NDI Beta program. Results have led to the successful integration of NDI 6 into both existing and forthcoming products.

“With NDI 6, NDI emerges as the undisputed standard for cloud-based live production, ushering in a new era of possibility for Vizrt’s suite of production solutions. With its advanced bit depth and expanded color range, NDI 6 elevates the visual quality of our products to unprecedented levels, enhancing every aspect of the content creation process. The new Bridge utility feature also opens doors to seamless connectivity, enabling our customers to effortlessly integrate NDI devices into their remote networks and cloud-based workflows. This shift transforms NDI from a primarily local technology to a cornerstone of global networked broadcasting,” said Ulrich Voigt, Global Head of Product Management, Vizrt.  

NDI 6 will be showcased at the highly anticipated 2024 NAB Show where Comprimato, Chyron, Kiloview, Magewell, Telycam and Vizrt will demonstrate the latest features of the core tech update. 

“With a longstanding commitment to the NDI standard, Chyron enthusiastically welcomes the progression of NDI connectivity and its advanced iterations through the latest release of NDI 6. Through these innovations, such as NDI HDR HLG, Chyron PRIME, with live graphics, video walls, touchscreen graphics, clips and branding, broadens support for clients seeking to merge top-quality production visuals with flexible network architectures. NDI HDR offers substantial enhancement in image quality and color depth, ultimately delivering viewers a more captivating and immersive visual experience just in time for some of the most prominent global sports broadcasting events planned this summer,” said Nikole McStanley, Product Portfolio Director, Chyron. 

NDI 6 is now available for testing and integration by all product developers, with downloads accessible at ndi.video/ndi6/

Additionally, the President of NDI, Daniel Nergård, will deliver an exclusive keynote presentation at the JB&A Pre-NAB Technology Event. During his address, Nergård will delve into the technology’s advancements and provide insights into the company’s future.

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