Looking at Integrating Sports Betting Into Your Live Broadcasts? Just Do It!

If you’re watching your favorite team play and the game is kind of boring or a blowout, you might switch channels or turn off your TV. But what if you had the chance to predict some game outcomes and collect $500 if you’re right!? Would you stay tuned?

For a lot of people, the answer is yes. This kind of free-to-play predictive gaming experience brings viewer interactivity to broadcasts of popular sports events, getting fans more invested in the on-field or on-court action and keeping them engaged through the final minute or point. It keeps audiences tuned in and drives up ratings.

Predictive gaming is just the beginning. As gambling laws continue to change, the door will be wide open for broadcasters to bring sports betting into live production and into their business model. In most countries people bet at the stadium, they bet using their remotes. It’s a massive opportunity for broadcasters, and it’s here now.

The technology that today enables predictive gaming — already a real thing — also can support wagering during live sports broadcasts. Leagues have partnered with stats providers that handle the massive amount of content generated during a live sports event. Broadcasters simply contract with an appropriate stats provider and integrate real-time data into the on-air product using a sophisticated graphics platform — possibly the very platform (or updated version of it) that already supports their on-air graphics.

And that’s where we come to PRIME Graphics, which is great at synthesizing multiple data sources into one easy-to-manipulate scene. With experience supporting successful predictive gaming implementations, the experts at Chyron can help broadcasters integrate data feeds just right. They can see a sports betting launch through to completion in just a month.

Yes, the integration of predictive gaming and sport betting into live broadcasts is innovative. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. With our powerful, proven graphics platform and our experienced creative services team, we are uniquely positioned to make it happen. We make it easy for broadcasters to get into the game.

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