Expand Your Career Options With PRIME Click Effects® Certification

PRIME Click Effects®  is the newest iteration of Chyron’s popular AV content control and delivery solutions for sports and entertainment productions, and it is being deployed at arenas, stadiums, and other event venues worldwide to engage fans, strengthen brand loyalty, and boost sponsor revenues.

These capabilities make PRIME Click Effects® a vital part of any modern game-day production, and if you’ve earned your PRIME Click Effects® Black Belt from the Chyron Academy, you’ll find that new opportunities await!

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Elevating Your Skills

State-of-the-art fan engagement depends on advanced authoring, rendering, and data binding, which come together in Click Effects PRIME to help you deliver a richer, more compelling in-stadium experience. Top-tier professional sports leagues and teams, including the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, leverage PRIME Click Effects®  and other PRIME products to raise the fan experience to new heights. The system has been trusted to support the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Cricket World Cup, and more.

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Like all Chyron Academy courses, the PRIME Click Effects®  course is a robust training program delivered by industry professionals as a self-paced curriculum so you can move through it at your own pace. Training through the Chyron Academy not only ensures you take full advantage of PRIME Click Effects®  capabilities, but it also serves as a vehicle for refining your skills and putting them to work in practical applications.

By the time you’ve earned your PRIME Click Effects® Black Belt certification, you will have demonstrated your skill and creativity in creating key elements in an immersive, engaging in-stadium or in-arena show.

Adding Value to Your Professional Profile

Although using your free trial version of PRIME Click Effects® to complete Chyron Academy coursework isn’t quite the same as working in the fast-paced control room environment at a major sports venue, it still gives you the opportunity to show what you’ve got.

The content you create throughout the course is evaluated by Chyron Academy instructors, many with professional experience using the product, and used to determine if you have earned PRIME Click Effects® Black Belt status. With these work samples in your portfolio — and certification listed on your LinkedIn profile and resume — you show potential employers that you’re ready for the challenge of using PRIME Click Effects® in a live environment.

Moving Forward From Certification

Certification may seem like the finish line, but you’ll be able to go much further with the skills you develop and refine. Teams, leagues, and venues are always looking for more creative ways to engage fans. Your ability to use PRIME Click Effects® to deliver real-time graphics, video clips, audio tracks, animations, and sponsor ads can make you a valuable addition to their production team.

As part of an elite community of Chyron Academy-certified PRIME Click Effects® operators, you automatically become part of the Chyron Freelancer Database. This valuable resource can connect you with other professionals and with new job opportunities.

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Completing the Click Effects PRIME Course

If you haven’t already earned your PRIME Click Effects® Black Belt, you can register now and get started. Courses are offered at no cost, and registration is easy. The structure of the curriculum allows you to complete coursework as your schedule and availability allow.

Level up your skills and open up new career opportunities for yourself. More information about enrollment is available on the Chyron Academy registration page.



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