A Fully Immersive Fan Experience at AT&T Stadium

As one of the most innovative productions in in-arena sports, The Dallas Cowboys are fully embracing the benefits of their suite of Chyron-based arena graphics systems at the team’s home field of AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Utilizing the power of Chyron’s Stadium-based Sports Solution, in-stadium engagement for “America’s Team” is time-saving, efficient, and keeps fans coming back for more.

With sports entertainment becoming more dynamic, fans are increasingly interacting with teams outside of their home arena. As one of the largest football stadiums in the NFL, and one of the largest HD video screens in the world, The Dallas Cowboys were looking for a solution complex enough to meet the needs of their fans, and adaptable enough to not disrupt the stadium’s intricate workflow.

Simultaneously using ribbon boards, big screens, and televisions, The Dallas Cowboys knew that the line of products accompanying their Click Effects PRIME platform would provide an easy, adaptable solution to enrich the stadium fan’s experience. Additionally, because Click Effects PRIME integrates smoothly with our PAINT and Virtual First products, they could be confident in the platform’s ability to remain flexible while giving fans the experience they’re used to seeing at home.

Without the support of narration, Chyron’s PAINT product helps AT&T Stadium offers fans an appealing, data-rich visualization of in-game moments that keep them in the action, while also offering the versatility for sponsorship opportunities, game highlights, and live playback. The stadium’s unique use of ChyronHego’s Virtual 1st product, on opposite sides of the field, also generates accurate ‘down & distance’ data through a quick-to-calibrate system that helps save time and keep the production crew versatile.

With Chyron’s easy, adaptable, turnkey Sports Solution, The Dallas Cowboys are delivering a distinctive in-stadium experience that makes football fans feel a part of the action from any seat in the stadium.

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