Staying Ahead of the Curve with Moov & BT Sport

BT Sport and MOOV have worked together since 2012, when the two companies partnered to define the look and feel for on-air graphics produced at BT Sport’s new Olympic Park facilities. At the time, MOOV’s agility and its close relationship with Chyron made it easy for BT Sport to adopt the Chyron Lyric graphics system as the default graphics platform for its studios.

Throughout the growth and evolution of BT Sport, the services and technologies provided by MOOV have helped the broadcaster maintain its reputation for innovation. In addition to launching the first live 4K channel in 2015, BT Sport was the first live sports network to deliver Dolby Atmos® 3D surround sound and, in 2017, to provide the world’s first HDR, 4K, Dolby Atmos broadcast. In 2019 BT Sport launched 4K HDR as a standard part of BT Sport Ultimate™. In fact, the shift to HDR was among the primary reasons BT Sport and MOOV last year upgraded from Lyric to Chyron’s new PRIME Graphics platform.

Smooth transition to PRIME Graphics

“We’re really excited that we’ve upgraded the whole facility to be working off of PRIME, as it fits with our strategic direction around innovation,” concludes Hindhaugh. “Bringing in MOOV and Chyron keeps enabling us to be first to market with some great products.”

BT Sport and MOOV have been working with Chyron technology for years now, adapting with the evolution of the company’s Lyric graphics authoring system. With this experience and a round of PRIME Graphics training from Chyron, the team at MOOV was able to make a rapid transition to the new graphics platform. PRIME Graphics has much in common with Lyric, including efficiency in building graphics, but it is far more robust in terms of flexibility, rendering power, and other features and benefits that target the requirements of next-generation on-air graphics.

“In order to stay ahead of the game as we continue to serve a host of U.K. and international broadcasters, we also need to stay ahead of the technology curve with tools that can help us deliver highly complex graphics with a fast turnaround,” said Laurie Beaumont, head of graphics at MOOV Ltd. “We’ve enjoyed a close partnership with Chyron for well over a decade, so we knew PRIME would give us the flexibility, power, and ease of deployment we need to support our clients as they continue to expand their UHD and HDR workflows.”

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