Rochester Sports Network

Chyron LIVE Provides Rochester University’s Student-Run Sports Network With Professional-Grade Production Value

MELVILLE, N.Y. May 30, 2023 — Chyron today announced that Rochester University’s student-run live sports production team, Rochester Sports Network (RSN), has deployed the Chyron LIVE cloud-native all-in-one production platform to take its productions to the next level. Making a production switcher, real-time motion graphics, clip playout, and audio mixer modules available in an intuitive web-based production environment, Chyron LIVE enables RSN’s student volunteers to work collaboratively across key production roles to produce live sports coverage with high-end visuals.

“When we implemented Chyron LIVE, we noticed several improvements,” said Dan Higgins, Rochester Sports Network founder and production manager. “Not only do the fluid, dynamic motion graphics improve our game-day presentations with automatically updated scores and clock data, but they also open monetization opportunities with event-based advertising from local businesses. Also, we can enable more creativity with separate production roles — such as generating more replay clips with a dedicated operator — while reducing pressure on our student volunteers by using the web-based platform to provide basic workflow training and update multiple connected-user statuses in real time. Overall, the production value offered by Chyron LIVE is unlike any I’ve ever seen, and it has made a huge impact on our team.”

Founded in 2018 as a passion project with a tiny seed budget of $750 from the athletic department, RSN has quickly grown into an asset for engaging the student body, alumni, and wider Rochester community with the school’s athletic programs, especially during COVID lockdown protocols. Entirely managed and crewed by student volunteers, RSN provides high-quality live-streaming coverage of all university athletics, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey.

The award-winning Chyron LIVE production platform gives users a straightforward HTML5 interface with access to Chyron’s acclaimed broadcast graphics tools. Designed to make any role in a sports production easy to master, Chyron LIVE simplifies such tasks as mixing live video and audio sources (including commentary feed), combining footage with broadcast-grade graphical overlays, creating multicam replay clips from live feeds, and enhancing coverage with 3D telestration analysis. With multi-user collaboration, the platform also enables RSN to distribute switching, graphics playout, and replay control across multiple operators.

RSN debuted Chyron LIVE for coverage of a home basketball game, with the team deploying the platform in an ultra-lite production setup inside the venue. Higgins built his own PRIME graphics package for the production, which included a scoreboard graphic automatically driven by the scoreboard and clock data from a WebSocket connection. After a 15-minute crash course, student volunteers with limited production experience were comfortable using the platform, with one replay operator using his personal laptop to connect to the environment, scroll through camera footage, clip replays, and add them to a playlist that was immediately available for playout.

“RSN is a great example of how a small team with a small budget can leverage Chyron LIVE to significantly improve its live production value,” said Carol Bettencourt, vice president of marketing at Chyron. “This team, largely comprising passionate student volunteers, needed a platform that would allow it to learn quickly, collaborate efficiently, and reliably deliver the high-end graphics expected by today’s sports fans. Chyron LIVE has supplied all this and more, and we are excited to see what RSN will accomplish in covering future games.”

Chyron offers a full range of live production tools for news, sports, on-site broadcast, corporate, esports, government, house of worship, and education broadcasts, on the air and online. More information on Chyron solutions for live sports broadcast production is available on our website and a video presentation from our Director of Product Marketing, Dan MacDonald.

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