Reinvigorate Classic Sports Content: Remote Telestration With PAINT

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the suspension of virtually all live sports at the professional level. If you’re a sports network or broadcaster, this sudden and dramatic change has made it difficult to offer fresh, engaging content to your audience.

You can offer legacy sports content — classic matches and games that stand the test of time — but it will need a little enhancement if it’s going to grab and hold viewers’ attention. With its rich toolset for visualizing different parts of gameplay and highlighting individual player performance, Chyron PAINT software allows you to do just that with flexibility for remote access and control. 

Easy, Economical Solution for Remote Telestration

Recognizing that the pandemic is stressing resources and upending traditional broadcast workflows, we have launched a special offer for PAINT. As part of the Chyron Cares initiative, flexible pricing options and discounts are available for PAINT.

PAINT software is totally self-contained, and setup on a Mac or PC is easy even for nontechnical users. You can access online training through our professional services department if you need support or just want to ensure your team gets the most out of PAINT.

Professional-Grade Enhancement, Direct From the Sofa

PAINT’s comprehensive feature set supports freehand drawing, highlights, zooming, player move along with other common telestration and 3D graphics tools. Accessing these tools from home via any internet-connected device, your commentator or analyst can add a new dimension to a classic game or match.

So, whether you’re broadcasting legendary moments like Lebron’s triple-double in the 2012 NBA finals, the Patriots’ comeback in Superbowl LI, or Zinedine Zidane’s famous goal in the 2002 UEFA Champions League Final, your team can use PAINT to create powerful illustrated replays. Extend fan engagement and create new sponsorship revenue opportunities using PAINT to simultaneously publish sponsored highlight clips to your fans’ favorite social media channels.

Take your older viewers back to that fateful day and those unforgettable plays. Give your younger sports fans more ways to connect with classic content.

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