Ready for the Return

Live sports are making their return. Though the stands are still empty, sports leagues, teams, and venues are turning to Chyron’s Virtual Placement solution and PRIME Graphics Platform to identify creative ways to drive fan engagement, boost brand awareness and maintain sponsor visibility.

Leveraging the graphics-building power of PRIME within Virtual Placement, you can create and place rich data-driven 3D graphics into the real-world environment with accuracy and unparalleled realism.

With integrated optical tracking technology certified by FIFA for virtual offsides lines, Virtual Placement creates the camera data and chroma key needed to ensure precise placement of these visuals across now-empty stands and on/alongside the field or court.

Though the familiar cheers of the crowd may be missing, the placement of data-driven graphics adds a valuable new dimension to the experience of a live broadcast. Advanced data binding, with feeds from the Emmy® Award-winning TRACAB, and other data sources, allows you to visualize real-time statistics and data feeds, with the field of play available as a canvas.

Telling the story of the game with animated graphics and real-time stats, you give fans more reason to watch the game — and to tune in again next time. Branded and sponsored elements ensure that exposure remains high and your advertising revenues stay strong.

You can implement Virtual Placement quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for specialized operators, expensive camera sensors, or lengthy calibration processes. Because a single Virtual Placement box supports four separate outputs, each with a unique series of graphics in the same position, you can easily customize graphics for multiple simultaneous games or match outputs.

Get in touch today to find out how Virtual Placement can give your broadcasts a competitive edge as live sports return.

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