ISG Fills Stands for Lega Serie A Using Chyron’s Virtual Placement to Enhance Storytelling and Sponsorship Options

MELVILLE, N.Y.July 30, 2020 Chyron today announced that its Virtual Placement technology is being used by Interregional Sports Group (ISG) to place virtual graphics into live broadcasts of Lega Serie A football matches. Using space in empty stands and other areas on and around the pitch to display team branding, sponsor logos, and promotions, ISG is enabling leagues, clubs, and content owners to open up new revenue streams while enhancing the viewing experience for fans watching at home.

“We have been working with Lega for many years, and we are extremely proud to be supplying new virtual media solutions that help clubs and their sponsors continue successful fan engagement in these challenging times,” said Simon Burgess, joint CEO and co-founder of ISG. “The relationship we have with Chyron has allowed us to adapt our virtual graphics solution not only to today’s very different in-stadium environment but also to the unique technical and business requirements of each club and venue.”

ISG specializes in virtual production and advertising services for live sports events. The company is a key partner for high-profile leagues and organizations including Serie A, La Liga, UEFA, and Formula 1.

With the COVID-19 crisis forcing football clubs to play in empty stadiums, ISG is using Virtual Placement to expand the branding and sponsorship opportunities open to its customers. The Chyron technology enables the placement of virtual graphics that appear as if they are actually part of the empty stadium space. The visual storytelling and revenue generation solution makes it easy for ISG to create and insert data-enriched 3D graphics and other sponsored enhancements on the field while still capturing fans’ attention.

For Lega Serie A, ISG uses Virtual Placement to include the logos of club sponsors in the center circle and to present the graphics and colors of competing teams in the stands, typically before each kickoff, at halftime, and at the conclusion of the match. High-quality graphics are delivered sparingly so that they enhance rather than disrupt the viewing experience.

“ISG understands the complete picture — all aspects of live broadcast production from a sports venue, and how to leverage graphics to enhance storytelling,” said Andy Newham, sales director at Chyron. “Expanding its existing production workflow to incorporate Virtual Placement, the company gains a powerful tool for helping each club to enrich live broadcasts.”

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