Create Powerful Reusable Assets With CAMIO 4.9

Daily news coverage has taken on new importance during the COVID-19 pandemic as people worldwide seek sources of current information and reliable guidance. New and enhanced features within our CAMIO MOS-driven graphics asset management solution give you added agility and flexibility in telling the news stories that are so essential for your viewers today.

CAMIO serves as the core content control system for end-to-end content creation, production, and playout, facilitating unified content creation for both linear and nonlinear production. With CAMIO 4.9 your templates, graphics, and clips become powerful reusable assets, which your producers and reporters can access and enhance from anywhere using a simple web-based interface. 

The Right Look for Every Output

Enhancements to reskinning options in CAMIO 4.9 allow you to change all PRIME graphics in a rundown to match the look and feel of different programs throughout the day, as well as special events, and even a station rebrand. This fast, automated process ensures consistent, error-free branding and brings greater efficiency to your overall production workflow.

If you’re a journalist or producer working with CAMIO 4.9 in a remote production workflow, you’ll gain similarly powerful control over the look and feel of graphics via the CAMIO (LUCI) Interface news graphics tool. With a single click, you can apply a new style — branding, fonts, and colors — to an individual graphic to better support your story.

By making PRIME graphics available in the MediaMaker workflow, CAMIO 4.9 offers you a simpler, more efficient workflow for bringing consistently branded content into social media clips and other online channels. Now rendered movies can be automatically transcoded as needed for video editors running on any operating system.

Confident Playout With the New Pause Count

The addition of a pause count to the CAMIO Rundown (iSQ) display provides a visual indication of pauses in each Lyric graphic. With helpful visual cues indicating the progression of pauses, operators can play out graphics with even greater confidence.

Simpler, More Secure System Management

To further streamline installation and system management, Chyron has updated CAMIO 4.9 so that the Media Engine at the heart of the system now resides on the CAMIO server. This change eliminates the need for FTP transfers, increases security, and simplifies file handling so that managers and administrators can turn their focus to supporting delivery of the latest news and updates.

Learn more about CAMIO 4.9 and how this easy-to-use solution can help your distributed teams to adapt the look and feel of content for all your programs and digital media platforms.
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