Chyron Releases PRIME Platform 4.3 with Viewer-Controlled Interactive Graphics

MELVILLE, N.Y.  Mar. 1, 2022 — Chyron today announced the 4.3 release of the PRIME Platform, which features a full suite of production capabilities including live graphics, production switching, video walls and scaling, touch screen control, branding, venue control, and augmented reality. Version 4.3 of this flexible, scalable platform introduces the new PRIME Edge module for creation, deployment, and management of viewer-controlled interactive graphics. Working with PRIME Edge, designers can use the same familiar PRIME Designer interface to create graphics with interactivity that allows viewers to determine what they see, whether watching sports, elections, financial news, lifestyle shows, or other programs.

“Imagine the power for viewer retention if you give the viewer the ability to ‘surf’ content without ever leaving your stream,” said Chyron Vice President of Marketing Carol Bettencourt. “For example, while watching election coverage, the viewer could select local or national results, commentary by party or candidate, statistics, and polling data, all of their own choosing. This capability also opens a tremendous opportunity to increase revenue. Consider a sports broadcast. If viewers can choose the team, player, stats, and replays they want to see, this offers multiple opportunities for sponsorship, instead of just one.”

In addition to the introduction of the PRIME Edge module, the PRIME Platform 4.3 release brings significant new features to some of its other key modules. 

Along with enhanced text formatting, PRIME CG now includes a QR Code effect, allowing the generation of a QR code for placement in a PRIME scene from directly within the application. In this streamlined workflow, users can dynamically replace the URL to generate QR codes to direct viewers to online content or sponsor content. Other new features support PRIME Platform’s utility across a wide range of use cases. Support is now available for 23.98 and 24 FPS, commonly used by Hollywood studios and others to create long-form videos. Additional support for the NMOS protocol ensures device discoverability and connectivity, underscoring Chyron’s commitment to delivering IP-ready solutions. 

The PRIME Switcher module now features UI enhancements and multiviewer improvements. Most notably, PRIME Switcher includes controls for creating standard DVEs within the switcher interface in addition to the previously available tools for creating DVEs upstream in the PRIME CG interface.

“Development of the PRIME Platform continues to be driven by customer feedback and by the principle of helping customers move towards the future, bridging traditional, single-purpose hardware solutions with modern integrated solutions that may be deployed on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture,” said Chyron Senior Vice President of Strategy Mathieu Yerle,.

Get the full breakdown of the latest 4.3 features and learn how you can deliver interactive viewing experiences and high-value sponsor space with PRIME Edge on the PRIME 4.3 Guide Page

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