Chyron Academy Training Program Rolls Out Certification Course for PAINT Sports Telestration

MELVILLEJuly 15, 2020 — Chyron has expanded its Chyron Academy training program with a new certification course focused on the company’s PAINT sports production analysis solution, which enables sports pundits, commentators or producers to visually analyze gameplay using augmented data-driven graphics and immersive video highlights. Offered free of charge, the new PAINT course supports industry professionals in acquiring and updating essential skills in working with the popular Chyron software.

“Telestration traditionally has been considered a specialized and complex tool that only a limited pool of specialists can use successfully,” said Carol Bettencourt, director of product marketing at Chyron. “Easy to learn and use, PAINT takes the mystery out of telestration. And now, with this new Chyron Academy course, we’re taking any mystery out of PAINT. We truly believe that with fundamental training on this software, anybody can look great.”

Intuitive for use by on-air presenters, PAINT’s feature-rich toolset allows users to create powerful graphical illustrated replays without the need for additional infrastructure or specialist operators. Optimized for remote access and control, PAINT’s customizable HTML5-based interface can be used anywhere (via laptop, web browser or touchscreen).

The Chyron Academy’s self-paced online curriculum for PAINT was developed by product experts with professional field experience. Using a trial version of the software to work their way through practical exercises and quizzes, operators not only gain experience using the PAINT toolset but also build out a portfolio of professional-grade content. Upon successful completion of the course, operators can earn Chyron Academy certification by submitting a professional recommendation confirming that they have successfully demonstrated their skills with PAINT in a real-world environment, either as a professional or volunteer.

Chyron Academy makes skills training accessible and convenient to all types of participants, from freelance designers and operators looking to boost their own knowledge base to teams working within larger media organizations. Learning from the best — and on the latest technology — participants can complete basic, intermediate, and advanced course modules to earn certification.

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