Bringing the Stadium to the Fans: Sports, Sponsorship and Beyond

Fans will have to wait a while longer before they can return to stadiums and arenas, but that doesn’t mean they have to forego the familiar in-venue experience entirely.

Sports leagues and teams at the professional, collegiate, and even high school level are pushing out new kinds of content — over broadcast, streaming services, social media, and other digital platforms — to help keep fans engaged.

Through innovative use of essential production technologies, sports producers are generating fresh brand-centered stories for fans and finding creative new ways to drive sponsorship revenues even though stands remain empty.

Taking Graphics Tech Further

Tools such as our PAINT telestration and analysis solution and Virtual Placement visual storytelling solution already are mainstays of live sports production, but today they also support enhancement of existing content to create new stories and deliver new kinds of programming.

Some universities have put Paint into the hands of coaches and on-air talent as they look back at footage of the previous season’s games and break down plays and strategy. Looking to the future, they are using Paint to evaluate players and anticipate the team’s strengths in the coming season. Behind-the-scenes segments are taking fans into areas of sports operations they don’t often get to see, be it the athletes’ locker rooms or a coach’s home office.

As teams get back to the court and field, Virtual Placement makes it possible to incorporate virtual graphics into the live broadcast without the need for specialized operators, expensive camera sensors, or lengthy calibration processes. Chyron’s creative services complement these solutions, bringing consistent, high-quality graphics that add visual impact and enhance value for sponsors.

Together, these tools are helping sports teams to offer fans the unique content they crave while opening the door to new sponsorship opportunities.

Maximizing Inventory Across Platforms

Taking advantage of flexible subscription-based access to PAINT and Virtual Placement solutions, leagues and teams are publishing branded content to a wider variety of platforms than ever. As they push this content to social media or stream it on their websites, they not only engage with fans but also create new sponsorship opportunities that deliver a rapid ROI.

Whether through a sponsored bar, element, page, program, or a package including a variety of elements, teams are using Chyron graphics solutions to increase their inventory and generate added revenues. They are giving sponsors the ability to reach fans at home the same way they would reach fans in the stadium.

As stadiums and arenas do begin to fill again, in-venue sports producers will have the tools and experience to maintain their momentum in driving both fan interest and sponsorship.

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